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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pages #13 & #14: General Clinton

Oh great, General Clinton again!
Today is the last day of March Madness and also the last day to get two pages a day and we will be back to one page a day updates next week, even though, it's only two pages next week and the newsletter is also next week.  It will be like February's instead the newsletter is on Monday instead of Friday this time.  And also, there is only 6 pages left of this Issue and we will end Issue #4 on April 14th.

General Clinton is back, guys!  He will not be taking a break for the rest of ACT I and he will be back in ACT II.

If you haven't read the last update about my birthday and when the contest ends. click here

Future Dates
March 31st, Newsletter: My Birthday Month
. . .
April 2nd, Page #15: It's Not
April 4th, Page #16: The Headless Horseman Going To Kill You
April 7th, Page #17: Have Somewhere To Be

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  1. Great! He's back again!

  2. I wonder if Clinton will have an heart attack anytime now and I'm going to miss the 2 page update but I can deal with it but you did leave us with this cliffhanger on Clinton's face and we have to wait for the new page on Wednesday.

    1. I'm kind of used to with Wednesdays & Fridays when it comes to the Dreamer webcomic but it's only on Fridays now and right now, the Dreamer is taking a break for a little while.