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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pages #18 & #19: It's Still "NO"

This is the end of Issue #3 and also the end of Volume 1.

Well, this is the first day to get two pages and we are finishing up Issue #3 today.  You will get two pages on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays til the next newsletter.  I just wanted to speed up things a little bit for only this month for now and you guys sure do love six pages a week.

My Spring Break is not til next month.  You guys will still get a newsletter during that week of my spring break and am taking the week off from page updates.

You guys still remember that Valentine's mini comic,  Howe Falls In Love?  Well, it looks like that but I won't be adding seven more pages next year but instead, I will make a meme for Valentine's Day.

March Madness Contest Details . . .

March Madness begins today.  Today, you get two pages and there is a contest going on and Issue #3 is the last Issue of Volume 1.  You guys already seen the cover for Vol. 1 before.  It contains Issues #0-#3.  This is the month where you get six pages a week instead of three and March Madness will end on March 31st and the last day of the two page update is March 28th.  And the date for the newsletter is March 31st: My Birthday Month, which that you better mark the calendars, also, March 16th is the 1 year anniversary of this blog and I came a long way since then.

March Madness Contest
We are starting the Madness with a contest and there was a little change on the end date of the contest.  The contest ends on April 13th.  There winner will be announced on April 14th.  And two runner-ups as well.

The winner get's to see some previews of Issue #7 and some previews for the seasonal comic for Halloween.

Runner-Up 1 & 2
The runner-ups get's to preview the next two short stories.

You better get right on to work on drawing or whatever how you want to do it and you can use media, too and it as to be related to the comic itself.

VOTE to see the sneak-peak preview of the cover for Issue #4!

Upcoming Dates
March 12th, Issue #4: Cover & Title
. . .
March 14th, Pages 1 & 2: Hold Your Horses
March 17th, Pages 3 & 4: That's Not What I Heard
March 19th, Pages 5 & 6: How Dare Him!

Enjoy the two pages!


  1. Are you going to post some artwork on here?

    Oh boy, another cliffhanger and we get two pages. You just made my day.

    Oh boy, Issue 4 is going to be a mess and don't look good for General Howe.

    1. I will on the next update.

  2. Keep on begging, John, you'll will never know about the dreams.

    I'm still not ready for Clinton not one bit nor Evil Howe in Issue 4.

  3. Is that Evil Howe on page 19 of the last panel?

  4. Oh man, I did not see that coming, on the last page. Evil Howe is playing mind games on William!

  5. And one more thing, I will release the cover for Volume 2 on Wednesday and it will contain Issues #4- #7.

    1. So we get two covers and a title on Wednesday?

  6. I got a good laugh on page 18 but the last page scares me the most thanks to Evil Howe.

    1. I can't stand Evil Howe being the shadowy figure at the end of Issue 3.

    2. I think that we will see Evil Howe from the start of Issue 4 to kidnapped General Howe right in front of John Phillips.

  7. I'm new to this scary series you've been updating and I love it.