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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pages #3 & #4: That's Not What I Heard

The contest is still going on and right now, no one have not submitted their work to me.

General Howe is trying to trick John P about the dreams and John Phillips is so mean on page 4.  We sure don't want John to know about the dreams and now it's too late now.

John Phillips is the older brother of Tom's.  He's always picking on his brother and sometimes giving General Howe an hard time, just like what he's doing on pages 3 & 4.  John also learns about Howe's dreams by spying on him.  He also get's involve with his brother and General Howe is to solve the nightmares.  And he will soon to take Howe's side over Clinton and Clinton's belittling ways over Howe.

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March 19th, Pages #5 & #6: How Dare Him
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March 21st, Pages #7 & #8: I Over Slept
March 24th, Pages #9 & #10: He Knows
March 26th, Pages #11 & #12: General Clinton's Plans

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  1. I should of known that John P is messing with William. Happy one year anniversary!

  2. General Howe is about to hit him for sure.

  3. I see that you are almost @ 10,000 views with this blog and with the 1 Year Anniversary.

    1. Hopefully, that my next milestone will be 20,000.

  4. Few more arts have been submitted, guys and I will post them tonight.

    1. I know that I have submitted mine not too long ago.

  5. And also, I hit the milestone with over 10,000 views today.