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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pages #9 & #10: He Knows

John Phillips already knows about General Howe's dreams after all.  And Tom wants to hit his brother so bad.

This week is the last week of March Madness.  The contest is still going on til April 13th.  The winner will be announced on April 14 along with two runner-ups.

Here are some submissions. . .

The Sailor Scouts by SailorMoonSonic

Frances Howe in The 50's by Bea

Frances Steampunk Style by Ben

John Phillips  by Tom

Frances Connolly Howe by Sarah

There sure are a lot Frances Connolly Howe submissions for this update.

The newsletter is next week and there will only be 2 pages next week.

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Future Dates
March 26th, Pages #11 & #12: General Clinton's Plans
. . .
March 28th, Pages #13 & #14: General Clinton
March 31st, Newsletter: My Birthday Month
April 2nd, Page #15: It's Not!

Clinton will be returning on Friday!



  1. All of these submissions from all of these page updates are all great, guys. So, I'm letting you guys which ones you like best.

  2. "General Howe Trapped", "The Goddess of the Seas", & the one with General Howe and his wife, with the purple dress.

  3. The Goddess of the Seas, General Howe Trapped, & Roman Evil Howe In Woman Form.

    What next for General Howe now and with John Phillips already knows about the dreams or John will tell Clinton about the dreams?

    1. Well, Sarah, Clinton already knows about the dreams long before John Phillips, even though, Clinton just doesn't want to believe in the dreams with General Howe and Tom Phillips.

  4. 1. The Goddess of The Seas

    2. General Howe Trapped

    3. The Sailor Scouts

    I'll hit John Phillips for you, General Howe.

  5. Mine is the same as Paul's.

    How dare John, why did you know about the dreams? I will surely hit John Phillips for sure.

  6. I'm not ready to meet Clinton, even in this Issue and it's bad enough that we have to put up with John Phillips & Evil Howe's dark figure showing up most of the time!

    Mine is the same as Paul's & Lizzy's by the way.

  7. Another cliffhanger on Friday, guys.

    Mine is the same as Paul's, too.

  8. More cliffhangers on Friday and Clinton's mug shot!

  9. There will be more submission in the near future only for this contest but it's too early to announce the winner til April 14th.

  10. How many pages do we have left of Issue 4?

    1. Ten pages to go and then we start Issue 5. Issue 5 will be a little bit longer than Issue 4.

    2. Wow, Issue 4 sure is going by fast.

    3. Thanks to March Madness in the way and it's way Issue 4 has been going by fast. I wonder if Issue 5 will be going by either slow or fast.

    4. It will be going a little bit slower for Issue 5 and Issues 5-7 are going to be a little bit longer and slower.