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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Issue #5 Starts Now

NEW! Cover & Title

Issue #4 left us on a cliffhanger with Clinton being crude and he's trying to protect William from those dreams of his.  And you got that mysterious dark figure to worry about now.

I'll be going on a Spring Break on April 26th, which it's at the end of this month and it's after next week.  So, I will be taking the whole week off from page updates and don't worry, I'll still post only the newsletter during the week off.  April 30th is the date for the newsletter.  So, make sure that you come back for the newsletter!  There be great news in the newsletter like always!

And one more thing. . .

Friday's page update will be move up to Thursday only for this week and because of Good Friday.  So, see you all back here on Thursday!

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April 17th, Page #1: You Rat
. . .
April 22nd, Page #2: How Dare You
April 23rd, Page #3: I'm Sorry You Feel This Way
April 25th, Page #4: Not Doing Paperwork


  1. No page update on Monday!

  2. The Cover Rocks!

  3. I can't believe that I almost forgot all about the Friday's update being on a Thursday. I'm so ready for another page update tonight!

    1. And also, which means that we have to wait til Tuesday.

    2. Your killing us with these suspense and it's bad enough that after next Friday and with the spring break right after that Friday & we have to wait for the update to return on the 5th of May! So, where are you going for Spring Break?

    3. I'm not going anywhere. But, I'm only taking the week off from the page updates for a while and I want to work on ACT II during the Break.

    4. ACT 2! Already!

    5. There's only two Issues left after Issue #5 of ACT I.