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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Newsletter: Titanic Theme

First off, I'm going to tell you guys more of about the Battle of Bunker Hill.  The battle took place on Breed's Hill during the Siege of Boston on June 17, 1775.  I think John Phillips said the wrong date on one of pages.  The Rebels lost about 450 men while the British lost over 1,000 men (That is 500 least than the one's on Titanic in 1912.).  The battle also effected General Howe the most and he was lucky during the battle.  Read the bio click here

The Battle of Bunker Hill
A little after noon on June 17, 1775, British troops led by General Thomas Gage crossed the Charles River. They marched in orderly ranks toward the trenches on Breed's Hill.  As they drew close, a blast of musket fire shattered the silence.  The British fell back, but then charged again.  Once more, the determined colonial militia drove them back.  After reforming their ranks, the British infantry charged up the hill a third time.

This time the British were successful.  The militia, with ammunition running low after 2 hours of fighting, had to retreat.  Though most of the fighting took place on Breed's Hill, the struggle became known in United States history as the battle of Bunker Hill.

The battle was a victory for the British, but they suffered more than 1,000 casualties, compared to less than 400 for the Continental troops.  Moreover, the militia gained the confidence they badly needed.  Until their ammunition was nearly gone, the Continental troops had stood up to the British regulars.
* * * * *
Issue #5 is the last time you will ever see Capt. John Andre and I'm not killing him off either!

General Howe's Grandmother is the half-sister of King George the 1st and is why that William is pure Royal Blood thanks to his grandmother and is also related to King George the 5th, which is Great Great son of King George the 3rd.

I will be updating the synopsis before we resume on Monday!

No "Question of the Week" this Friday!

Work Progress
I'm still on my break and I have been working on ACT II and I have at least two Issues left of ACT II.  I just started working on Issue #11 today.  We will start the short story right after Issue #7.  After the short story is finish, Sleepy Hollow will go on an hiatus til Fall of next year.  ACTS II & III won't be as long as ACT I but ACT IV will be longer than any ACTS.  But also, there was a little change, so, instead of 6 ACTS, plus I added another ACT and a final Issue at the end.  John Andre won't be part of ACT II but he will return in ACT IV.

Instead of doing every Monday with the Work Progress, it will only be in the newsletters only, which it will be once a month.

I have been working on the scripts for ACT IV and it looks like that I will be adding a mini story at the end of every Issue starting Issue #27.  I want to at least to try adding the major battles only in the mini stories and some in the main stories.
* * * * *
I think that's all I have for you all and I better get right back on working on ACT II.

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May 5th, Page #5: It's A Nightmare
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May 7th, Page #6: Your A Royal Blood
May 9th, Page #7: Have You Seen Capt. Andre
May 12th, Page #8: Misses John Andre

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