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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Page #20: You Must Stay Out Of It

NEW! Page #20

This is the final page of Issue #4 and we start Issue #5 on Wednesday, guys!

Next week is the last week before Spring Break.  So, we are still getting a newsletter on the 30th during the Spring Break.  Sleepy Hollow is going on a short hiatus and will return on the 5th of May.  And I will soon find out the release dates for Hell's On Wheels & Sleepy Hollow and I will post them on here as soon as they tell us when.

My Work Progress
I have not shared my progress like for few mouths now but now, I will it today.

I've finish the first Issue of ACT II and I started it last week or two and I'm working on the 2nd one but it's not finish yet.  So, I really have only three more Issues to work on for ACT II.  ACTS II & III only have five Issues by the way.

April 16th, Issue #5 Starts Now
. . .
April 18th, Page #01: You Rat
April 21st, Page #02: How Dare You
April 23rd, Page #03: I'm Sorry You Feel This Way


  1. I want to see Act 2 more now and can you post some of your Act 2 works on Wednesday, please? Pretty Please?

    1. I just can't post the works but I'll tell you guys my progress every Mondays now on.

  2. Great, what we need is a cliffhanger!