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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Page #3: I'm Sorry You Feel This Way

NEW! Page #3

Clinton leaves Howe alone with Capt. John Phillips and the paperwork.  Will he be able to save Clinton in time or will Clinton get's killed by the killer?

There is one more page update before my Spring Break and the next page will leave us all on this cliffhanger til the 5th of May.  And you will get a newsletter update during my break on the 30th, which is next week.

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April 25th, Page #4: Not Doing Paperwork
. . .
April 30th, Newsletter: Titanic Theme
May 5th, Page #5: It's A Nightmare
May 7th, Page #6: Your A Royal Blood

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  1. Let Clinton get killed!

  2. I forgot last night's update but it keeps getting better.

  3. I think Clinton should of been left alone with the paper work instead of William Howe.

  4. Your killing us with all of these cliffhangers! I just hope that General Howe is too late to save Clinton.