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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Page #4: Not Doing Paperwork

NEW! Page #4

June 18th is the date of the Battle of Bunker Hill and I will tell more about it in the newsletter.  General Howe is so sick of Clinton and his dirty orders.  I can't blame him but he should be helping Clinton to find the killer instead, Clinton ordered John Phillips to keep an eye on William.  And this page will be leaving you on a cliffhanger.  And no, this is not the last page of Issue #5 by the way and there is total of 25 pages in this Issue this time.

My Spring Break Begins Tomorrow!

During my Spring Break, I will get right to work on ACT II and release the newsletter as well.  And the page updates will be back on the 5th of May.

Return on Wednesday for the newsletter!

I'll be adding a new feature in a new tab, click here which you get to answer a question once a week.  And it will be updated every Friday but I won't update it next Friday.  This first question is a demo.  Here is the first question and by the way, there is no right or wrong in these questions. -> click here <-

April 30th, Newsletter: Titanic Theme
. . .
May 5th, Page #5: It's A Nightmare
May 7th, Page #6: Your A Royal Blood
May 9th, Page #7: Have You Seen Capt. Andre

*Remember to come back on the 30th for the newsletter*


  1. Clinton should of kept his mouth shut in the first place and all this will be killing me now and we have to want for the new page on May 5! I'll try to hold it all together by May 5 and I'll be back here on Wednesday for at least the newsletter, maybe that will calm me down. And by the way, I like your new featured.

  2. I would have to say that John P is crazy and is out of his head. I can handle waiting til May 5th for page 5.