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Friday, May 30, 2014

Newsletter: May Day

This past week has been a goofy week.  Next week should be back to normal for sure.

We are almost half way through Issue #5, guys!  Also, Issue 5 is the last Issue for Captain John Andre. I have put him in under Former Cast but he's still on the list.  I have put Evil Howe & the Headless Horseman under Featuring Cast.  I have made Pvt. John Phillips Captain John Phillips.  And I add "Sir Billy" next to Major General William Howe.  In the near future, I will drop the "Major" from Howe and Clinton and I will add "Major" on John Andre later on in ACT IV & V.  And there is only 2 Issues left of ACT I.  Issues 6 & 7 will have the same style as Issue 0.  ACTS II & III Issues will also have the same style as Issue 0's.

Lucky that Sleepy Hollow webcomic won't be on hiatus for June.

I will recap all of the Issues we've finish so far . . .

It all start with Brittney and the kids to get ready to start off the story.  The kids wants to hear the story and Mike is picking on the girls.  Michelle and her brother Jake are glad that they are related to General Howe.  The story is being told about General Howe and he first appeared in and it only takes only 4 pages for him to appear in.  (Most normally the main character shows up in the first or second page but General William Howe appeared in the 4th page.)  Mike won't keep his mouth shut.  The story is picking up and General Howe reappears.  General Howe  thinks about his brother George's death. (It's hard for him to lose a brother.)  Then he thinks about James Wolfe.  And he changes his mind so that he will be fighting in the war. General Howe sets out to Boston.

Pages 11-14 are extra pages that were added after page 10.

General Howe is on his way to Boston and Clinton first appeared in the first page.  Howe starts having dreams about the headless horseman.  Then, Howe is about to tell Clinton about the dreams he as been having or just got them.  And the captain thinks that Howe is just having a bad dream and Clinton, on the other hand, thinks Howe is still thinking about his brother George's death.  They also made it to Boston safe and sound.

General Howe thinks about the city and he and Tom Phillips first met each other and Howe tells him about the dreams.  Howe thinks about the dream and he thinks he needs a rest.  Howe eats with John Andre.  Andre tells Howe that he should meet John Hampton and the horseman reappears.  Andre also asked Howe if he is alright and Howe says he is fine.  Howe told Andre about dream and he got the news that 3 women were killed and their heads are missing.

Issue 2 picks up where Issue 1 left off.  And one of the spies hands him the paper.  He thinks that the headless horseman is behind it all.  Howe also tells one of his officers about the dream.  The horseman reappears again.  Howe is having that dream again.  He get's ready to tell Clinton about the dream.  He tells Clinton about the dreams but Clinton think Howe should talk to a family member about the dreams and Clinton never cares about the dreams.  Clinton also tells William to write a letter.  Howe also tells him that the horseman is real.  He and Clinton fights on about the dreams and the headless horseman.  Clinton tells him to take a rest by ordering him to do so.  And Howe keeps talking about it and Clinton tells him to shut it.  More info on the 3 women were in their 20s when they were killed.  Clinton kind of believe him on that part on the women being murdered by the unknown killer that cuts people's heads off.  Clinton makes sure that Howe get's some rest.  William Howe disobeyed Clinton's orders by shopping for some flowers.  Then, Howe tells Andre about Clinton and the dreams.  Capt. Andre offer Howe some wine and said no and only want some tea.  Then again, John A. ask him if he is alright.  Howe said he'll be fine.  Howe heads off to bed.

Howe looks at the facts and the horseman appears again.  Somebody is calling his name.  Howe ask who's calling him and called his name again and again.  The dark figure shadow appeared, which that is Evil Howe as the dark figured man.  The dark figured also wants to kill him.  It haunted him again and tries to kidnapped him.

It picks up where Issue 2 left off.  Howe finally knows who is causing the dreams.  Tom walks in and tell him that 10 more people were killed.  Howe still thinks about that dark shadow figured man.

John Phillips appears and did the row calls.  John Phillips gave both Howe and his brother, Tom an hard time.

Howe is very loyal to his men.  Capt. Andre shows up with some news that Howe already knew about.  Andre learns that Tom already knew about the dreams.  Howe and Clinton were never friends in the first place.  Andre ask Howe if he learn more about the dreams.  Howe told him about what happen last night.

Howe was hoping to be alone til Corp. John Hampton shows up.  Hampton was getting worried about Howe.  Then, Howe told him that the ghost was in his mind.  Then they meet and greet and they talk about other things.  They also talk about Hampton becoming a father soon William is not having any.

Hampton left the room and Howe thought he was going to be alone but John Phillips knock on the door.  Howe let's him in and John P. wants in on the dreams and pretends to not knowing what John P. is talking about.  John P. ask again and William said no.  And John P. is trying to force William to tell him about the dreams.  Then finally, John P. forces him to tell about the dreams and the unknown dark figure shows up again.

Issue 4 picks up where Issue 3 left of with.  Howe finally give in.  Howe think something up so that John P. won't know the truth.  John P. thinks Howe is trying not to tell about the real story.

John Phillips has already know about the dreams.  John P. is only is giving William an hard time.  Howe knew that John P. over heard it and the dark figure reappears.

Howe over slept and Tom had to wake him up.  Tom ask him if John Phillips kept him up last night.  Tom did warn William about John Phillips.  Howe told Tom that John P. over heard about the dreams.  They kept on talking about what happen last night.  William ask him if there is any news yet.  Tom told Howe on what Clinton is planning on doing.  William went off to find Clinton.

William met up with Clinton.  William tries to tell him to not send anyone out there tonight.  And Howe told Clinton that the horseman is going to kill him.  Clinton refuse to listen to him.  Howe thinks Clinton was refusing to listen to him.  Then the shadow figure returns.  And Clinton tells him to stay out of the mission.
* * * * *
All the recapped Issues above will be in the ABOUT tab and I will update it again once Issue 5 is fully finish.

Work Progress
I've already finish ACT II Issues so far and I'm planning on getting ACT I finish by the end of the year.

I've just started ACT III earlier this week.
* * * * *
Here is the Most hated characters's List . . .

  1. Major General Henry Clinton leads with 14 people (he is the most hated character of all)
  2. Evil Howe-10
  3. John Andre-3
  4. Both John Phillips & John Hampton-2
  5. Both General William Howe & the Headless Horseman-1
* * * * *
That's all I have for this newsletter!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Page #13: What Dream?

NEW! Page #13

John Hampton did not know about the dreams til now.  He is another character that won't believe in Howe's dreams but in a nicer way unlike Clinton.

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Here's the Question of the Week!

Who is the shadowed figured man next to General Howe in this panel?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Page #12: He Was Ordered

NEW! Page #12

I was suppose to be on hiatus this week but with DA having some issues last week and only updated page 11 of that week as well.

Do you know why General Howe get's stuck on doing the paperwork?  Well, he was ordered by Clinton, the "Cold Heartless Fool" as we will be calling him that.  General William Howe is far higher rank than Clinton and is 2nd in command after General Gage.

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Newsletter is this Saturday!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Page #11: Your Both Brothers

NEW! Page #11

Memorial Day is on Monday and there is no page update on that day.

The newsletter is on the 31st of May.

Check Out . . .

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Here's the Question of the Week!

What do you think of Lt. Bryan Johnson so far?

Monday, May 19, 2014

Sleepy Hollow Hiatus

Well, it looks that I'm going on an hiatus this week instead of next week but I'm still going to be on hiatus next week til the 31st, which is the newsletter, which I'm glad that I can update that.  I know that DA is having some issues that I can't even upload the page not even right now and that is why I'm going on hiatus til they get the thing fix.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

No Page Update At This Time

There will be no page update til noon!

I just can't the page to load on the DA site and their having some problems with it.  Hopefully, they will get it fix soon and we all are waiting to see Page 11 but it still be a late update once I get up out of bed to work on it.  Don't worry, the page will be up like around afternoon!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Page #10: Don't Ask

NEW! Page #10

Yet again, John have lost his mind like always.
Here is the "Question of The Week"!

What character do you hate the most? . . .

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Page #9: Lt. Bryan Johnson

NEW! Page #9

Meet Lt. Bryan Johnson!
Bryan Johnson is a very close friends with Tom Phillips and he sure is shy sometimes, even around John Phillips.

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No more new faces for the rest of ACT I!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Page #8: Misses John Andre

NEW! Page #8

We will miss you, John!
This is the final appearance of Capt. John Andre til ACT IV.  He was captured by the American Rebels as we all learn about his where bouts since we last seen him, it was in Issue #3.  Even our British General William Howe had tears in his eyes.  Bryan will make his first appearance on Wednesday.

If you did have voted for my comic, you've seen what's it's like, a title page . . . For BOOK ONE, the title page looks more like a cover for BOOK ONE.  Yes, there is a BOOK ONE and it will include ACTs #1 - #4.  And there is three BOOKS and I know it's too early to release the BOOK cover.  BOOKS TWO & THREE won't be as long as BOOK ONE and we are only in ACT I and we are still on the 6th Issue.

Here is a little some you'll enjoy!  Have you guys seen Liberty's Kids?  Well, I'm going to post them in the Media tab but I'll release the episodes one by one, just like what I do with the new pages here.  And there is only 40 episodes so enjoy them and you can re-watch them over and over again.

Episode #1: "The Boston Tea Party"

Remember, the Question of The Week is every Friday unless if the comic is on hiatus.

I will no longer be putting the "Future Updates" on the posts anymore.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Page #7: Have You Seen Capt. Andre

NEW! Page #7

John Andre's last appearances is Page #8 but he will still appear in ACT IV.

Bryan Johnson will be joining us next week!

Here is the Question of The Week!
* * *
Who is your Favorite Character of Sleepy Hollow?  All you need is one answer or one favorite character . . .
* * *
May 12th, Page #8: Misses John Andre
. . .
May 14th, Page #9: Lt. Bryan Johnson
May 16th, Page #10: Don't Ask
May 19th, Page #11: Your Both Brothers

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Page #6: Your A Royal Blood

NEW! Page #6

John Phillips is surely giving General Howe a very hard time.
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May 9th, Page #7: Have You Seen Capt. Andre
* * *
May 12th, Page #8: Misses John Andre
May 14th, Page #9: Lt. Bryan Johnson
May 16th, Page #10: Don't Ask

Bryan Johnson will appear in Page #9 soon!

Return on Friday to find out why we haven't seen John Andre since Issue #3!

There will be Question of the Week this Friday and this one will be an easy one.  It will ask you what your favorite character is and you only have to answer one favorite character is.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Page #5: It's A Nightmare

NEW! Page #5

Way it looks for General Howe is trying to find a way out and come to Clinton's rescue before the Headless Horseman get's him.  But, the only person that stands in Howe's way is John Phillips, Tom's older and only brother.

I'm back from my break, if you haven't read the latest newsletter for April, but here's it is! >>click here<<

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May 7th, Page #6: Your A Royal Blood
. . .
May 9th, Page #7: Have You Seen Capt. Andre
May 12th, Page #8: Misses John Andre
May 14th, Page #9: Lt. Bryan Johnson

Bryan Johnson will make his first appearances on May 14th for Page 9.

John Andre will not be with us for the rest of ACT I and he won't be in ACT II.  But he will return in later Acts.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Chapter 1 Tools for Studying History: Learning About History

There have been change of plan!  I'm skipping the part two and I will go to part three but will be mark as Part Two and its the last part of Chapter 1 Tools for Studying History.

This is the last part of Chapter 1!  Enjoy!

Why Study History?
Perhaps most of you have at least studied parts of United States history in school before.  You might well ask, "Why study it again?"  There are good reasons.  One excellent reason is that you are older than you were when, in a lower grade, you last learned about the history of our country.

We can compare your life to climbing a mountain.  As you grow older, you reach a higher place than you occupied 3 or 4 years ago.  Having now reached a higher level, you can see more than you could before.  Things you were unable to understand several years ago will now seem clearer to you.

Furthermore, good citizenship in our complex world requires almost constant study and thought.  The great American patriot Patrick Henry once said: "I know of no way of judging the future but by the past."  Learning about United States history will make you a more alert and effective citizen.

No one studying United States history can learn all there is to know about it.  Men and women who devote a lifetime to studying United States history still confess they have an incomplete knowledge of our past.  Since no one can learn everything, teachers in the earlier grades had to choose those things they thought you could learn best at that time.

But you are not about to study them once more.  You are continuing your study at a higher level.  As you continue your study, you will be practicing and improving learning skills that are immensely important to your future success.

A Guide to Learning
Maps, tables, and graphs are guides to learning.  Already you have learned about maps.  They will help you learn about the history of your country and it will help with the comic Sleepy Hollow as well, too.  A caption is a description or explanation of the meaning of an illustration.

Time Lines
Another visual that can help you learn is a time line.  Time lines can help you understand the order in which historical events occurred.

The Fun Factor
Many Americans find a hobby in some aspect of the past.  For them there is a fun factor in the study of history.  Perhaps they restore antique automobiles, dresses that I posted last year, or collect old stamps and coins.  Perhaps they like to read good historical novels or biographies of famous people.  They may concern themselves with the history of the state or community in which they live, or do research into the history of their own families.

Perhaps they travel to historic places.  Practically every community has places of historic interest.  What historic places are there in your community?

As you study United States history, you will read about what happened at many of the places where it took place at.  Have you visited any of these historic places?  Have you visited other historic places?  Doesn't a visit to a historic place mean more if you know what took place there?

There is history all around you.  History is in the streets where you walk.  It is in the place where you live.  It is in your family, and in your place of worship, and in your school.  In fact, there is a history to everything you see or read or touch.  Keep this in mind in your study of United States history.
* * * * *
  1. Maps help us to learn because they can show large areas in a small space.
  2. Maps can show many kinds of facts, such as information about landforms, boundaries, cities and towns, rivers, highways, precipitation, and climate.
  3. Maps can show us not only how things are now but also how they were in the past or the future.
  4. Tables and graphs are effective tools for presenting information in a small space.
  5. Learning about United States history will make you a more alert and effective citizen.
  6. Some features in this book that will help you are tables, graphs, maps, table of contents, captions, time lines, historical documents, annotations, vocabulary, checkup, skills, chapter reviews, special interest features, Biographical Dictionary, Glossary, Atlas, and Index.
Page updates will resume on Monday, May 5th!  Hopefully the wait will be over on Sunday night.

The Dreamer is finally available for your E-Readers!

Each complete graphic novel is only $9.99 in digital format!

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Chapter 1 Tools for Studying History: Using Maps

Here are some info you may enjoy and some history as well, too.  Enjoy!

The Bird Lifts Of
On My 5, 1961, Commander Alan B. Shepard became the first American to enter outer space. Lucian C. Warren, a reporter, described the launching in this manner:
There was deafening handclapping and cheering as the bird gracefully lifted itself into the sky, its rocket belching from the lower end, soared through a few thin clouds, began a vapor trail,then disappeared into space history. . . .
This was a historic day.  Yet it was only a new chapter in the continuing history of our country.

The Astronauts
The first people chosen as astronauts, or people who travel in space, became as close as the members of a large family.  They trained together and ate, slept, and lived under the same roof.  Three of them died together in an accident at Cape Canaveral on the east coast of Florida in January 1967.  The seven-member crew of the space shuttle Challenger died in an explosion shortly after takeoff in January 1986.  The brave crew members had risked their lives to explore the unknown.

John H. Glenn, later a senator from Ohio, was the first to orbit, or circle, the earth.  His successful three-orbit flight took place on February 20, 1962.  Other astronauts have reached heights equal to or greater than Glenn's.  A dozen have had the thrill of walking on the moon.  The first astronaut to set foot on the moon was Neil Armstrong in 1969.  From the moon, astronauts have an unusual experience.  In one glance they can see the whole United States or Asia.

Only a few of us will ever see the whole United States as space travelers can now see it.  However, we can see our whole country in other ways.  Maps can show the entire United States.  Indeed, maps can show aspects of the country that are invisible from space.

Relief Maps
As space travelers speed through space above the United States, they can perhaps make out certain land-forms, such as mountain ranges.  Whether they can or cannot, you can see them by looking the relief map.  A relief map shows the elevation, or height, of the earth's surface.  The elevation of land is expressed in feet or meters above or below sea level.  Elevation is often shown by contour lines.  All points along a contour line are exactly the same distance above or below the level of the sea.  Sometimes color is added between contour lines as on the relief map to show different elevations more clearly.

Among the mountain ranges shown on the relief map are the Appalachians and the Rockies.  Which ocean is the Appalachian range closer to?  The Rocky Mountains makes up the largest range in the United States.  Between the Appalachians and the Rockies, there are plains and plateaus.  West of the Rockies are three other mountain ranges.  What are their names?

Mountain ranges have been important in United States history.  They were barriers, or walls, that slowed for a time the movement of the American people.  Nevertheless, as you will learn, these barriers were overcome as the United States spread across the continent.

Political Maps
No space traveler can see the boundaries dividing our country into 50 states.  But you can, by looking at the map.  It is a political map.  A political map shows such things as national and state boundaries and the names and locations of towns and cities.  Find your state on the map.  Does it share a common boundary with other states?  If so, which ones?

Can you find states on the political map that do not touch any of the other states?  That touch only one other state?  How many foreign countries share a common boundary with the United States?  Some states have no water boundary between two states.  The political map shows the capital city of each state.  Could space travelers pick out your state's capital city as they orbit the earth?  Probably not.  But you can tell the name of the capital city of each state by looking at the map.  How many states have capital cities named for United States Presidents?

You can also find the location of each capital city on the political map.  You do this by using lines of latitude and longitude.  Lines of latitude circle the earth in an east-west direction.  They are numbered north and south of the Equator.  Lines of longitude run north-south between the two poles.  The lines are numbered east and west of the Prime Meridian.  What are the latitude and longitude coordinates for Memphis, Tennessee?  What city is located near 33* N, 97* W?  What are the coordinates for your state capital?

Rivers and Lakes

The map above shows the largest rivers and lakes in the United States.  As you can see, the Mississippi River and its tributaries,  rivers that run into the Mississippi stand out as features of the land.  During the entire span of human life in North America, the Mississippi River system has provided food and transportation for the people of the region.

In the northeastern section of the United States are the Great Lakes.  Can you find the names of these five lakes on the map above.  Which is the only one entirely within the United States?

Our Highway System

Rivers and lakes provided a natural system of transportation in our land for thousands of years.  But nineteenth-century Americans added to this natural system by building canals and railroads.  In the twentieth century, Americans added an extensive highway system.

The map above shows our Interstate Highway System.  Interstate highways are identified by route markers that look like red, white, and blue shields.  The even-numbered interstates, such as 40, 70, and 80, run east and west.Those with odd numbers, such as 5, 25, and 95, are north-south routes.  Find these routes on the map above.

The first interstates were begun in 1956.  Today the system is 95% complete.  At times of gasoline shortages some Americans have criticized the Interstate Highway System.  These critics say it is not wise to spend large sums of money on a system that encourages travel by private automobile.  It would be better, they say, to spend the money on mass transit.  Mass transit is the carrying of people by buses, trains, and subways.  How do you think the money should be spent for interstate highways or for mass transit?

No doubt you have been on interstate highways.  Which ones have you traveled on?  Which interstate is nearest to your community?  Though you may have ridden on the interstates, have you ever had a train ride?  Or a ride on a canal boat?


Any nation as large as the United States has a great variety of climates.  Maps can demonstrates this variety.  For example, the map above shows the average annual number of hours of sunshine in the United States.  You can see how the amount of sunshine differs from one part of the country to another.  The amount of sunshine a region receives affects its climate.  Which regions of the United States have the most sunshine?  which have the least?

On the map above, note the area of very low annual precipitation, that is, moisture falling to earth as rain, snow, hail, sleet, or mist.  For many years in the nineteenth century, this area in the West was labeled on maps The Great American Desert.  It was thought to be almost unfit for human settlement.  And yet today this area supports millions of people.  What changes, do you think, took place so that people could live there?

The Many Uses of Maps
People who make maps are known as cartographers.  They make a useful product.  The maps will help to teach you how the United States began, how it grew, and how it got to be the nation it is today.

Maps are a part of our lives.  There are many other uses of maps.  Drivers taking long-distance trips depend on road maps.  There are state maps, city maps, maps of fairgrounds, maps of the world, and even maps of our universe.  The seating plan of a theater, a baseball park, or a football stadium is a kind of map.  A collection of maps is called an atlas.

* * * * *
Stay tune for Chapter 1 Tools for Study History: Using Tables and Graphs tomorrow!

The Dreamer is finally available for your E-Readers!

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