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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Chapter 1 Tools for Studying History: Learning About History

There have been change of plan!  I'm skipping the part two and I will go to part three but will be mark as Part Two and its the last part of Chapter 1 Tools for Studying History.

This is the last part of Chapter 1!  Enjoy!

Why Study History?
Perhaps most of you have at least studied parts of United States history in school before.  You might well ask, "Why study it again?"  There are good reasons.  One excellent reason is that you are older than you were when, in a lower grade, you last learned about the history of our country.

We can compare your life to climbing a mountain.  As you grow older, you reach a higher place than you occupied 3 or 4 years ago.  Having now reached a higher level, you can see more than you could before.  Things you were unable to understand several years ago will now seem clearer to you.

Furthermore, good citizenship in our complex world requires almost constant study and thought.  The great American patriot Patrick Henry once said: "I know of no way of judging the future but by the past."  Learning about United States history will make you a more alert and effective citizen.

No one studying United States history can learn all there is to know about it.  Men and women who devote a lifetime to studying United States history still confess they have an incomplete knowledge of our past.  Since no one can learn everything, teachers in the earlier grades had to choose those things they thought you could learn best at that time.

But you are not about to study them once more.  You are continuing your study at a higher level.  As you continue your study, you will be practicing and improving learning skills that are immensely important to your future success.

A Guide to Learning
Maps, tables, and graphs are guides to learning.  Already you have learned about maps.  They will help you learn about the history of your country and it will help with the comic Sleepy Hollow as well, too.  A caption is a description or explanation of the meaning of an illustration.

Time Lines
Another visual that can help you learn is a time line.  Time lines can help you understand the order in which historical events occurred.

The Fun Factor
Many Americans find a hobby in some aspect of the past.  For them there is a fun factor in the study of history.  Perhaps they restore antique automobiles, dresses that I posted last year, or collect old stamps and coins.  Perhaps they like to read good historical novels or biographies of famous people.  They may concern themselves with the history of the state or community in which they live, or do research into the history of their own families.

Perhaps they travel to historic places.  Practically every community has places of historic interest.  What historic places are there in your community?

As you study United States history, you will read about what happened at many of the places where it took place at.  Have you visited any of these historic places?  Have you visited other historic places?  Doesn't a visit to a historic place mean more if you know what took place there?

There is history all around you.  History is in the streets where you walk.  It is in the place where you live.  It is in your family, and in your place of worship, and in your school.  In fact, there is a history to everything you see or read or touch.  Keep this in mind in your study of United States history.
* * * * *
  1. Maps help us to learn because they can show large areas in a small space.
  2. Maps can show many kinds of facts, such as information about landforms, boundaries, cities and towns, rivers, highways, precipitation, and climate.
  3. Maps can show us not only how things are now but also how they were in the past or the future.
  4. Tables and graphs are effective tools for presenting information in a small space.
  5. Learning about United States history will make you a more alert and effective citizen.
  6. Some features in this book that will help you are tables, graphs, maps, table of contents, captions, time lines, historical documents, annotations, vocabulary, checkup, skills, chapter reviews, special interest features, Biographical Dictionary, Glossary, Atlas, and Index.
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