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Friday, May 30, 2014

Newsletter: May Day

This past week has been a goofy week.  Next week should be back to normal for sure.

We are almost half way through Issue #5, guys!  Also, Issue 5 is the last Issue for Captain John Andre. I have put him in under Former Cast but he's still on the list.  I have put Evil Howe & the Headless Horseman under Featuring Cast.  I have made Pvt. John Phillips Captain John Phillips.  And I add "Sir Billy" next to Major General William Howe.  In the near future, I will drop the "Major" from Howe and Clinton and I will add "Major" on John Andre later on in ACT IV & V.  And there is only 2 Issues left of ACT I.  Issues 6 & 7 will have the same style as Issue 0.  ACTS II & III Issues will also have the same style as Issue 0's.

Lucky that Sleepy Hollow webcomic won't be on hiatus for June.

I will recap all of the Issues we've finish so far . . .

It all start with Brittney and the kids to get ready to start off the story.  The kids wants to hear the story and Mike is picking on the girls.  Michelle and her brother Jake are glad that they are related to General Howe.  The story is being told about General Howe and he first appeared in and it only takes only 4 pages for him to appear in.  (Most normally the main character shows up in the first or second page but General William Howe appeared in the 4th page.)  Mike won't keep his mouth shut.  The story is picking up and General Howe reappears.  General Howe  thinks about his brother George's death. (It's hard for him to lose a brother.)  Then he thinks about James Wolfe.  And he changes his mind so that he will be fighting in the war. General Howe sets out to Boston.

Pages 11-14 are extra pages that were added after page 10.

General Howe is on his way to Boston and Clinton first appeared in the first page.  Howe starts having dreams about the headless horseman.  Then, Howe is about to tell Clinton about the dreams he as been having or just got them.  And the captain thinks that Howe is just having a bad dream and Clinton, on the other hand, thinks Howe is still thinking about his brother George's death.  They also made it to Boston safe and sound.

General Howe thinks about the city and he and Tom Phillips first met each other and Howe tells him about the dreams.  Howe thinks about the dream and he thinks he needs a rest.  Howe eats with John Andre.  Andre tells Howe that he should meet John Hampton and the horseman reappears.  Andre also asked Howe if he is alright and Howe says he is fine.  Howe told Andre about dream and he got the news that 3 women were killed and their heads are missing.

Issue 2 picks up where Issue 1 left off.  And one of the spies hands him the paper.  He thinks that the headless horseman is behind it all.  Howe also tells one of his officers about the dream.  The horseman reappears again.  Howe is having that dream again.  He get's ready to tell Clinton about the dream.  He tells Clinton about the dreams but Clinton think Howe should talk to a family member about the dreams and Clinton never cares about the dreams.  Clinton also tells William to write a letter.  Howe also tells him that the horseman is real.  He and Clinton fights on about the dreams and the headless horseman.  Clinton tells him to take a rest by ordering him to do so.  And Howe keeps talking about it and Clinton tells him to shut it.  More info on the 3 women were in their 20s when they were killed.  Clinton kind of believe him on that part on the women being murdered by the unknown killer that cuts people's heads off.  Clinton makes sure that Howe get's some rest.  William Howe disobeyed Clinton's orders by shopping for some flowers.  Then, Howe tells Andre about Clinton and the dreams.  Capt. Andre offer Howe some wine and said no and only want some tea.  Then again, John A. ask him if he is alright.  Howe said he'll be fine.  Howe heads off to bed.

Howe looks at the facts and the horseman appears again.  Somebody is calling his name.  Howe ask who's calling him and called his name again and again.  The dark figure shadow appeared, which that is Evil Howe as the dark figured man.  The dark figured also wants to kill him.  It haunted him again and tries to kidnapped him.

It picks up where Issue 2 left off.  Howe finally knows who is causing the dreams.  Tom walks in and tell him that 10 more people were killed.  Howe still thinks about that dark shadow figured man.

John Phillips appears and did the row calls.  John Phillips gave both Howe and his brother, Tom an hard time.

Howe is very loyal to his men.  Capt. Andre shows up with some news that Howe already knew about.  Andre learns that Tom already knew about the dreams.  Howe and Clinton were never friends in the first place.  Andre ask Howe if he learn more about the dreams.  Howe told him about what happen last night.

Howe was hoping to be alone til Corp. John Hampton shows up.  Hampton was getting worried about Howe.  Then, Howe told him that the ghost was in his mind.  Then they meet and greet and they talk about other things.  They also talk about Hampton becoming a father soon William is not having any.

Hampton left the room and Howe thought he was going to be alone but John Phillips knock on the door.  Howe let's him in and John P. wants in on the dreams and pretends to not knowing what John P. is talking about.  John P. ask again and William said no.  And John P. is trying to force William to tell him about the dreams.  Then finally, John P. forces him to tell about the dreams and the unknown dark figure shows up again.

Issue 4 picks up where Issue 3 left of with.  Howe finally give in.  Howe think something up so that John P. won't know the truth.  John P. thinks Howe is trying not to tell about the real story.

John Phillips has already know about the dreams.  John P. is only is giving William an hard time.  Howe knew that John P. over heard it and the dark figure reappears.

Howe over slept and Tom had to wake him up.  Tom ask him if John Phillips kept him up last night.  Tom did warn William about John Phillips.  Howe told Tom that John P. over heard about the dreams.  They kept on talking about what happen last night.  William ask him if there is any news yet.  Tom told Howe on what Clinton is planning on doing.  William went off to find Clinton.

William met up with Clinton.  William tries to tell him to not send anyone out there tonight.  And Howe told Clinton that the horseman is going to kill him.  Clinton refuse to listen to him.  Howe thinks Clinton was refusing to listen to him.  Then the shadow figure returns.  And Clinton tells him to stay out of the mission.
* * * * *
All the recapped Issues above will be in the ABOUT tab and I will update it again once Issue 5 is fully finish.

Work Progress
I've already finish ACT II Issues so far and I'm planning on getting ACT I finish by the end of the year.

I've just started ACT III earlier this week.
* * * * *
Here is the Most hated characters's List . . .

  1. Major General Henry Clinton leads with 14 people (he is the most hated character of all)
  2. Evil Howe-10
  3. John Andre-3
  4. Both John Phillips & John Hampton-2
  5. Both General William Howe & the Headless Horseman-1
* * * * *
That's all I have for this newsletter!

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