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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Page #5: It's A Nightmare

NEW! Page #5

Way it looks for General Howe is trying to find a way out and come to Clinton's rescue before the Headless Horseman get's him.  But, the only person that stands in Howe's way is John Phillips, Tom's older and only brother.

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May 7th, Page #6: Your A Royal Blood
. . .
May 9th, Page #7: Have You Seen Capt. Andre
May 12th, Page #8: Misses John Andre
May 14th, Page #9: Lt. Bryan Johnson

Bryan Johnson will make his first appearances on May 14th for Page 9.

John Andre will not be with us for the rest of ACT I and he won't be in ACT II.  But he will return in later Acts.

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  1. John, then you do the paperwork or tell Clinton the next time when he does the paperwork!