Cast Of Each Comic

Friday, June 20, 2014


I will be planning on adding Issues 0-4 Plots sometime next week (or earlier) and I will be using the blogspot for each Issue we've done so far.

I will also open up a tab on Wordpress and put the link for it in the ABOUT tab on the blogspot.

I really want to get all of this finish before I start adding Issue 5's.

I have re-updated Issues 0-5 with the size: 617 x 936 of every page and it will be the main comic size for Sleepy Hollow.  And I also re-updated the bio & the seasonal comic with the main comic size.

There are 3 pages left of Issue 5 and there is another hiatus on the way, but a shorter one this time and the June's newsletter is the last Monday of June and there won't be any page updates on that week and you will hear more about it in the newsletter.


  1. I guess that I can go to summer camp on July 1st of that week, just that week, thank you for letting us know.

  2. So when do we start Issue 6, then?

    1. The week after 4th of July.

    2. Looks like someone has 2 Issues left of this act!

    3. Hopefully I'll get them finish by the end of this year along with 2 more seasonal comics. So it looks like that we will start ACT II next year and yes, there will be an hiatus between the last seasonal comic & ACT II.

    4. What is it with all these hiatus this year? I know that Paul Reveres came back from a long hiatus & the Dreamer is still on hiatus and you got one for the end of the year.

    5. It has been a bad year this year or some sort, but the Dreamer will be back soon. I'm just waiting for Lora's email on the return of the Dreamer and then I will tell you guys when it will be back, right after I get an email.