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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

LNN: Liberty News

The latest news about Liberty's Kids having its own webcomic and I get to be the creator of that comic and I'm still be working on Sleepy Hollow and updating on the same days as always, M-W-F!

Don't worry, Sleepy Hollow is still my main comic!  I'm doing the Liberty's Kids one as a project and it will only have 40 chapters or Issues but only one ACT.  Hopefully Liberty's Kids will end before Sleepy Hollow.

Here's the news update: here


  1. Wow, a new comic coming this Fall! At least it will keep me busy reading these two comics.

  2. I use to watch Liberty's Kids when I was younger. Thank you for bringing back all these good memeries!

  3. At least that Howe will be the bad guy this time!

    1. Anne, you are so mean! I will still like this guy no matter if he's the bad or good guy!