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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Page #8: Look Over There!

NEW! Page #8

I'm going post the whole page instead of one panel.
Things start to get scary for Howe & Clinton or is there something out there.

* * *
Question of the Week

What do you guys think of Tom Phillips and is he a close friend of General Howe?


  1. Tom is very smart and he is very close friend of General Howe's.

    At least that we got a break from Clinton.

  2. That was awesome in what you did by showing the whole page instead of parts of it!

    Q & A | I do think Tom is awesome and yes he & William are really really really close friends & they are buddies!

  3. I think Tom is a great person and has a good friendship with Gen. Howe.

  4. He's smart and a good friend of William Howe's.

  5. I find him very cute & smart and a friend of William's.

  6. Tom is a great person with a brain and a great friend of Howe's.

  7. I think more people answered this question than any other questions.