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Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Start Of Issue 6

NEW! Cover & Title

I will update the plot for Issue 5 sometime this week.

Now that we are on Issue 6 and Issue 7 is the last Issue for ACT I: The Nightmares That Haunts You and Issue 5 left us on a cliffhanger right before last week, so come back for page 1 on Wednesday!

Here's June's newsletter! click here

If you haven't read the update I post about Howe Falls In Love. click here


  1. That must be the new design cover for Sleepy Hollow, I love it, alot!

  2. Sleepy Hollow is finally back!

  3. It's always great to come back with the new look, even for Issue 6.

    Seven down, One to go! I'll try to remember that.