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Saturday, August 30, 2014

NEWSLETTER: Schools Starting Up

There will be no page update tomorrow because of Labor Day, so we will end Issue 6 on Wednesday and start Issue 7 on Saturday.  The countdown will began on Saturday for the end of Act 1.

No hiatus this month!

I'm not going to be doing the Questions of the Week til next year and I'm kind of running out of questions and ideas for the questions.  For the last few weeks, I was asking questions about each of the cast and I'll do Evil Howe & the Headless Horseman til next year.

Well, it's almost that time of the year to think about Halloween!  Today, I'll talk about the Halloween seasonal comic.  It will featured Howe's wife, Richard Howe, Mrs. Loring, Evil Howe himself, Clinton, the 21st Century cast, and the rest of the 18th Century main cast.  It's 14 pages long.  It will start on October 17th and it will be like the last seasonal comic we've done, with Sleepy Hollow page updates are still M-W-F and the seasonal comic is seven days a week til it hits the last page.  The seasonal comic will go on from October 17th-31st.

I will go back to Fridays, just only during the Halloween seasonal comic.  Once the seasonal comic if fully finish, then, we'll go back to Saturdays after that.

I have plan on doing an Halloween contest in October and I will put the details up at the end of September.  Hopefully that will gave you some time.

There will be one more seasonal comic after the Halloween one.  I will tell about the seasonal comic for Christmas in the next newsletter.


I will update the plots for Issue 6 next week.

I will open an online store for Sleepy Hollow real soon.  You already know about the two comics being at $2.99 and I will release Volume One sometime soon before the year ends.  I was going to say that Volume One will be at $4.99.  All those wallpapers in the FUN MEDIA tab will be $0.99 each once the store will be open.  It will replace my CAST tab to SHOP once it's all finish.

Work Progress
I've added another Act in between Act 6 & The Final Act and it will give some more background info on each of the main characters.

The TSCG will start updating on September 12th and it's getting real close soon, so go check out my other comic!  I've already got Chapter One done and Chapter Two done as well.  It will only updates on Fridays but in the near future, I will add another day.

* * *
Well, that's all I have for you guys for now and see you all on Wednesday, so that we can end Issue 6!


  1. I keep thinking there was an update today but I just read the newsletter and it's Labor Day.

  2. So, are you getting ready to put a store here on this blog?

  3. No page update today! ! !