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Monday, September 29, 2014

NEWSLETTER: Captain Nathan Hale

There are only 17 Pages left of ACT ONE Issue 7!

I did say that I will countdown til the end of ACT I.  Well, you can see that there is 17 Pages left.  Well, it's not too bad(If you think).  I'm aiming toward November to end ACT I, which that I will tell you more in October's Newsletter.

I have started working on a new project, which I'm doing the scripts on.  It is part of Howe Falls In Love Seasonal comic, which will continue beyond the story.

It will be more of a mini series for Howe Falls In Love.

I've already finish the scripts for the second comic(or part two), Howe Falls In Love: Part Two.  Howe Falls In Love: The Big Day will be very long and I had to split it up into seven parts and I knew that the comic would go over 200 pages and I don't want you to get really bored of just one comic, which is going to be a great comic.

There will be two Christmas comics that will follow up after The Big Day.

I'm still working on Chapter 5 of The Sin City Girls and am going to be ready for Chapter 6.

I will try not to get too ahead of myself on TSCG, so after Chapter 7, I will take a break from the comic til we start on Chapter 7's updates.  I already have the scripts finish for Volume One and then, I will work on Chapter 8's scripts and then, I will take a break for a while.

Volume One of Sleepy Hollow will be release on October 20th.  Once again, Volume One will contain Issues 0-3, plus the bio, Long Live The Great British General Sir William Howe and Howe Falls In Love.

Volume One will cost $4.99!  Hopefully when Book One is fully finish, which I'm thinking of getting it publish as a form of a comic book, which you can hold in your hands.

How does that sounds . . .

Halloween Seasonal Comic
The Halloween Comic will start on the 17th of October and it's on a Friday.  Only if it was on the Friday the 13th!  The name of the seasonal comic is It's Halloween.  The comic will be 14 Pages long plus a cover, title page, and two other pages, which are extra pages that will be before the winners's art.

The contest is going on right now and you got til October 31st to send in your submissions.  SEE THE DETAILS

The List of Characters That Will Make Their Appearances
I'm listing them by their appearance.

Corp. John Hampton will make no appearances in this seasonal comic.  But, think of Sarah Hampton as John Hampton, just saying.  Hampton lovers!

Another Seasonal Comic
I will start another contest for the Christmas comic in November, just like I did with the Halloween comic.

With this seasonal comic, I'm only doing 5 days instead of 7.  The comic will start in November once Issue 7 is fully 100% finish updating, which I will tell more about it in the next newsletter.

The comic will have the same cast as the Halloween comic.

I can't believe that I'm thinking about Christmas in October!

* * *
I think that's all I have for you guys.

See you guys here tomorrow!

* * *
Issue 3 is now out for sale. $2.99


  1. No John Hampton in the new seasonal comic!

  2. Love these newsletters and great job on this one!

  3. I never got a chance to read the Howe Falls In Love & the Long Live The Great British General Sir William Howe bio, but I will get a chance to read them once Volume One comes out on Oct. 20.

    1. Or if you don't like to wait til the 20th, you can check out the OTHER COMICS TO READ tab above for free.

    2. I didn't see that and didn't know about the tab til now, thank you Liz.:)

  4. Is Evil Howe really going to be in the Halloween comic?

  5. It's great to have someone that is ahead of their work than behind.

  6. I'm loving the news update, tonight.