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Thursday, October 30, 2014

NEWSLETTER: Happy Halloween!

Today, you are getting two extra pages for It's Halloween, as a treat.  Then, tomorrow, I will start adding in the winners's entries, one at a time or day.  I'm just going to [LINK] them instead(which I will do for the two extra pages).  Each day have past, once their added in and they will be linked, down below:

Round One Entry
Round Two Entry
Round Three Entry
Round Four Entry
Round Five Entry
 (They will look like above, once they are added or linked.)

End of ACT ONE
You can see that there is no page update today for Issue 7.  Well, there is only 4 Pages left of ACT ONE.  Once we finish Issue 7, which is the last Issue of Act One,  Sleepy Hollow will go on a break til next year but I will start the Christmas comic once Issue 7 is fully finish updating.  I just can't believe that we are about to end Act One, already.  Last year, I first started Act One and now that we are at the end already.

ACT TWO will go a little bit faster and with it only having 5 Issues.  Well, I can't get too into details with Act Two, not just yet.  I will gave some details about Act Two in the next newsletter.

*Hopefully that, the hiatus won't be long, but in the near future, I will start increasing the wait time.

*I will gave you a Sneak-peak for the next ACT in November's newsletter.

The Joy of Christmas
The Joy of Christmas is the name of the next seasonal comic.  It will updates on Mondays-Fridays, unlike the other two.  It will be 25 Pages long, plus two extra pages included.  And it will have the same cast as in It's Halloween.  But, it won't have Evil Howe in this one and beside that, John Hampton wasn't even in the Halloween comic and he will be part of the Christmas Seasonal comic this time.

There is a contest for this one, which is going on right now.  DETAILS  It will go on til December 19th for sure and I'm giving you guys enough time to work on your entries and sending them in on time.  Well, at least that gave you guys even a longer time.

The comic will start on November 12th and it will end on December 19th, for only the story part of the comic.  And then I'm done with updating pages for the rest of the year.  and with the Holidays being on the way and it's one of those busy days and that's why I'm taking the rest of the year off til December's newsletter being on New Year's Eve, which will bring in the new year.  And I will update the hiatus updates for Chapter 4 during my time off.

Next year, I'm not going to do the March Madness Contest but I will tell you more about it in the February's newsletter.  And I won't do the two pages a day during the March Madness next year either.  But, I got something better, but it will be through out the entire Act Two Era only and I will tell more about it later.

Enough said!

TSCG News Update
The Sin City Girls are moving to Tuesdays & Thursdays, starting next week.  Maybe, the comic will move a little bit faster if I update twice a week.  Other than that, if you want to increase by adding another page update,  follow me up on Patreon, so that we can beat the goal and I am leaving it all up on you guys for TSCG page increase and the near future, I will do the same for Sleepy Hollow.

Work Progress
I will start working on Chapter 10 scripts for The Sin City Girls this week and I already have Chapters 8 & 9 finish for the scripts.  At this point, I'm only working on the scripts for Volume Two.  And I even took a break, while working on Chapter 7 and I realize that I'm  over the limit for The Sin City Girls.  The limit of chapters for the buffer is five, even I'm really am over the limit on the buffer for Sleepy Hollow as well, also.  I'm trying to slow myself down.  So, I'm going to back away from working on the comics but will still update both comics til the buffers get's under the limit and then, I can will work on them.  The Sin City Girls buffer will go down faster than Sleepy Hollow's.

My Limits Buffer
The Sin City Girls-Five Chapters
Sleepy Hollow-Ten Issues or Short Stories or Seasonal Comics

My Current Buffer
The Sin City Girls-Six Chapters plus the 7th one in progress that was put on hold because of the limits
Sleepy Hollow-11 Issues, but it will drop down once Issue 7 is fully completed | 2 Seasonal Stories, but it will drop down once the Halloween comic is fully completed | 3 Short Stories, but I was almost too close to start on another one but did stop myself this time

How does that tell me?  Well, I'm surely am over the limit and I really am trying not to take up anymore computer spaces.  I really should think of getting a thumb drive to add more files onto or what.

Once I get Volume Two's scripts finish for The Sin City Girls, I will take a break from that and I can just sit back or proofread the scripts for both comics for any errors.  Next year, I might just take the whole year off from writing the scripts for Sleepy Hollow.  During the time being, I will to some researches for both comics, so that I can get some more info.
* * *
Today is the last day for the Halloween Sale.  And I'm giving you til 10 PM Central Time, U.S. [LINK]

I will do another limit time sale soon.

Well, that's all I have for you guys.

Return on Monday for Page 24 of Issue 7

NEW! Page #15 & Page #16
(No page here this time)

Issue 4 will be release for download purchase next Friday.

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