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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Page(s) #18: Halloween Coming Soon

NEW!  Page #18

NEW!  Cover & Title

Today is the first day of this Halloween comic!

We are getting close to the end of ACT ONE, guys!

Tune in tomorrow for the first page

Here's Round Four. . .

1. Steampunk Frances by Historical Fashion

2. Frances | Belle Epoque Art by William Howe

3. Sarah Hampton: 18th Century by Richard Howe

4. Princess Michelle Sue Anne by John Phillips

5. Michelle Halloween Dance by Tom Phillips

6. And Mrs. Loring: Bustle Era by The Sin City Girls-TSCG Webcomic

These are some good ones here and be sure to choose wisely!

Volume One will be available on Monday and it is part of the grand prize for the Halloween Contest and once you win a ROUND, you will get Volume One with all of your other prizes for free, but if you lose, on Monday, you can still purchase it for only $4.99.

Issue 4 will be release on November 7th.


Issue 5-Coming Soon
Issue 6-Coming Soon
It's Halloween-Coming Soon
Issue 7-Coming Soon

Issue 3 is available for download, only for $2.99

Please visit the Store to purchase downloads of your favorite comics

The winner will be announce on Sunday, please be sure to choose wisely.

And then, tune in for the FINAL ROUND of this contest next week!

And it looks like we are about to end the contest a little early and we'll move onto the Christmas Contest soon!

Be sure to keep a look out for details. . .


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