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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sleepy Hollow/TSCG Update

The is met to be on DA but it's down right now, so I will post the update here and post the link for this update on the website, so you can have a chance to read it.

The Sin City Updates
I will start on Chapter 9's script next week and I have started working on the scripts since last week.  But, I won't work on Chapter 8 itself til Chapter 7 updates are almost close to finish.  I do have a big buffer right now but haven't start on Chapter 7 of Volume One.  I only have the cover finish since Saturday.  I will work on Chapter 7 tomorrow, so I took a few days off between Saturday & Wednesday and I'm trying to slow down my buffer.

TSCG are moving to Tuesdays & Thursdays in November!  Why the move?  Well, it's because I'm too ahead and I really have a big buffer right now and make things easy for both comics.  But in the near future, I will update more than two pages a week, only if we can reach the goal(Only on Patreon), in order for to let that happen.  And there is another way for me to update more pages, but only during the March Madness month only and a free update on Free Comic Book Day.

The break between chapters will be only one week while between Volumes are three weeks and between Books 1 & 2 or any later Books are two months but sometimes three months.  Between, Chapters 1 & 2, there is a big break because of Christmas & New Years.

That's all I have for The Sin City Girls for now!

Sleepy Hollow Updates
The Halloween Contest will end on the 27th instead of the 31st.  Well, it looks like we are ending early for this contest.  The last winner will be announce on the 27th but the last Round of submissions will be announce on the 24th, so we will have a Christmas Contest to work on and this time, I'm giving you more time on this one.  The details will be posted on the 24th, so you will have a chance winning this contest once you submitted them by the 19th of December.  So really, you do got between October 24th through December 19th.

We are getting close to the end of ACT I of Sleepy Hollow and I wanted to thank you all for enjoying the comic and supporting me through out Act One.  There will be more Acts to go and we will prepare for the next ACT of Sleepy Hollow.  Without all of you, I wouldn't be working on this comic and adding new pages or someone hating General Clinton for belittling General Howe.  So, I did set up a newsletter to keep intact with you all on Sleepy Hollow's return date but first, you must sign up and you will get a free copy of The Long Live The Great British General Sir William Howe after you sign up for the newsletter.

My Sleepy Hollow buffer is still pretty big and there is an hold-off on Act 4's buffer plus I will start working on the Howe Falls In Love Mini Series but I will work pretty slow on this one.  I'm trying to keep my buffer's Max at Ten Issues/Stories all together.  Right now, I'm over the limit.

Here's why:

Ten Issues
Two Seasonal Comics
Three Short Stories

Plus I'm about to work on the mini series, so that's 15 together for the buffer, but when I start working on the first Issue of the mini series, the buffer will drop down one comic, which is still 14 and Issue 7 will be close to finish, which I did not include in the buffer.  The buffer is still pretty big.  The buffer will get smaller next year, while I have a way to downgrade the numbers.

So, by the end of this year, the buffer will be still 14 because of the first Issue of the mini series.  I will start working only one page each week, to keep the buffer lower.  And take two months off in between as well, too.  So this way, the buffer will drop soon and adding and some more days to the page updates, to keep it flowing.

Enough on the buffer thing!  I'm still on hiatus for the scripts, but my mind keeps telling me to finish the series as well, but I'm stay strong and focus on the scripts on my other comic instead.  So, I am at least taking four months off, starting now.  If it's still four months later and I still feel like I'm still ahead,  I'll just take two more months off to play it safe.  If that don't help, I'll take next year off from doing the scripts, that will give me some more time for researching instead.  And maybe, re-read the scripts til then.

That's all I have for you all, today.

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