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Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Contest: Part Three

The Halloween Contest ends on October 31st and I will get ROUND FOUR ready for, so choose wisely.

The Christmas Contest starts on November 1st, but we can start a week early instead.  So, be sure to watch for the details of the contest.

And we only have two ROUNDS left and please send in your submissions by October 31st!


Remember, choose wisely. . .

Here's our 3 runner-ups:

1) Howe, John Phillips, & Evil Howe: Battle Til The End by Paul Revere

2) Frances Connolly Howe: The Power Queen by The Sin City Girls- TSCG Webcomic

3) And Mrs. Loring: The Fire Queen by The Dreamer/Liberty's Kids

The winner will be announced on Tuesday.

Tune in on Friday for ROUND FOUR


  1. I think the 1st one wins.

  2. The first one should be part of the seasonal comic.

  3. I have already pick a winner for this round but you have to wait til Tuesday to find out.