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Saturday, November 29, 2014

NEWSLETTER: Thanksgiving & Black Friday

There is only 15 pages left of the the Christmas comic!~

Here are the topics that will be included in today's newsletter:

  • The Joy of Christmas
  • The Christmas Contest
  • Issue 7's Plots
  • Act Two Details
  • The New Web Site Update
  • Plots For The Other Two Seasonal Stories
  • Act Two Sneak-Peak
  • Work Progress
  • Page Buffer
  • The Scripts
  • Cyber Monday Sales
  • The Christmas Sales
  • Sleepy Hollow Best Moments: Act One
The Joy of Christmas
Well, there is only 15 pages left so far.  The comic will end on December 19th.

You guys got to see the Headless Horseman this time and William's love life is my favorite part in the comic. I would like to say, the comic is going so well.  Once the comic is finish, I will start sharing Chapter 4 on the 21st of December.

Hopefully that will keep us busy but there won't be no chapter update of Christmas Day.

The Christmas Contest
The contest ends on December 19th and submissions must be submitted by midnight of that day.

The five lucky winners will be announce on December 22nd.

Issue 7's Plots
I will work on getting the plots updated, so that you can read them.  I will update them on Friday.

I have been ahead with the plots by writing them down on a sheet of paper and I will get right to Issue 8's Plots, once we're finish updating with Issue 8.

Act Two Details
Captain John Andre won't be with us for Act Two, as you already know.  He's the only character that won't be coming back next year.

Act 2 will have only 5 Issues.  It will start off with Issue 8 and it will ends with Issue 12.  Issue 8 through 12 are part of Volume Three.

I'm planning on updating five days a week, but I won't start that til March of next year.  I will tell you more in February, but for now, it will still be Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays til I say the word.  That's why Act 2 will go a bit faster next year.  I don't know I could get five Issues done by the end of 2015.

The New Web Site Update
Sleepy Hollow is getting a new website, which it will have a new address, but it will have the name of the comic.  Right now, it's really close to finish and I do have a release date for it: December 22nd!  Yes, I'm switching over to the new site on that day, but we'll keep the old one, even though, it won't get updated afterwards.

The new website is one of the reasons to relaunched the Sleepy Hollow Series in 2015, even though that we are still adding the five winning entries, along with a couple of runner-ups.

The website will be a lot easy than the old one and is very neater to handle.  To me, I really love it even more than ever.

You will get a gasp at it once it's finish and before the release date.

The new website is going to be ready for Act 2 fore sure!

I'm still going to continued to use the blogger to let you know on the update is ready.

Plots For The Other Two Seasonal Stories
I will update on Howe Falls In Love comic next Friday.  I will also add the Halloween Seasonal Comic, It's Halloween on the Friday after next week, so that I'm all caught up on the plots.

I've updated all the plots on Issues 0-6, on the new website.

Act Two Sneak-Peak
I'm giving you guys a sneak-preview of the next Act, which my buffer is really big right new and most of it includes Acts 2 & 3 and three short stories.  I won't include the Christmas comic, while we're still on that one at this moment.

The sneak-peaks I'm about to show you, will blow your mind. . .

Those are all of the sneak-peaks of Act 2, for you guys!

Book Two is when I have to start back to Issue One.

Work Progress
I'm still doing pretty good at maintaining the page buffer and haven't jump on a new comic yet.  The scripts are the ones I need to worry about, even TSCG.

Page Buffer
The Sin City Girls are still standing at 6 chapters right now and with chapter 1 is almost close to the end, the buffer will drop down to 5 once again, it's the limit for the buffer.  I will get back to chapter 7, once the buffer have gone down to at least 2 chapters.

As for Sleepy Hollow, we're still at 14 at this moment.  I have ways to go til this buffer starts dropping down.  The limit is 10 for Sleepy Hollow.  One of these days, it will go down someday.

The Scripts
I will to slow down on the scripts, but I've been writing down the scripts on paper, but I'll have to type it all down on the computer while I still can.  I've already started typing down Volume Two of TSCG and yes, Volume One's finish and I will do the same for Sleepy Hollow.

Cyber Monday Sales
The sales ends at midnight of tomorrow!

The sales will be only available tomorrow and later on tonight at midnight.  The Pack will include Volume One and few Issues at a good price.

Next year, we'll do the sales from Black Fridays to Cyber Mondays.  How does that sounds? . . .

The Christmas Sales
The sales will start on the same day as Issue 7 is release on the same day.  The Pack will includes Issues 0-7, so it's like getting the entire Act One all together.  On this one, I'm giving you guys more time, so that, you can catch up on the whole Act One.

Sleepy Hollow Best Moments: Act One
I will gather all of the pages of Act One for the Best Moments on the December's newsletter.  And I really want December's newsletter to be longer than any other newsletters I've done.  I will gather some of the short stories we've done for the Best Moments as part of Act I.

Well, that's all I have for you guys!

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