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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Page #25: Regret | Round Five Winning Entry

NEW!  Page #25

We are getting real close to the end with only 2 pages left!

* * *
NEW!  Last Page

Mrs. Betsy Loring | Frozen Halloween by Betsy Loring
(I will message you, your prize soon.)

This is the last Winning Entry of It's Halloween and we are now done with Halloween and all we have to do, is wait for the Christmas Issue to update next week.

Issue 4 will be available for download purchase, for only $2.99 this Friday!


ROUND ONE is now available to view!  I'm only going to put the links instead of posting them here.

The Joy of Christmas will start updating next Wednesday.

Please send in your entries, so that we can get ROUND TWO ready to go!

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