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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Page #26: Too Close

NEW!  Page #26

Clinton still remains clueless and William thinks Clinton will tell on him.

Return on Monday for the final page of ACT ONE!

I'm not going to announced the winner the same way as I did with the Halloween Contest, so I will announce them daily instead of weekly.

Issue #4 is now available for download purchase & it has been added to the Store


The Joy of Christmas will start on Wednesday.

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  1. I would rank The Sin City Girls a 20/20, so that we can get 3 page updates!

  2. Oh yeah, I did have read the last update, today and I would say, I would give it a 20. It's a pretty good comic to read and it's made for readers like us, ladies.

  3. I maybe a guy, but I do enjoy the TSCG comic.

    15 out of 20 for me-

  4. I'll put it in the update instead of Page 26.

  5. I can copy & post your comics on the Sleepy Hollow or The Sin City Girls web sites to make things easy for you to see.