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Monday, November 3, 2014

Round Four Winning Entry

NEW!  Page #20

Frances | Belle Epoque Art by William Howe
(You only get one prize, even though you won two ROUNDS.)

Round One Entry
Round Two Entry
Round Three Entry
Round Four Entry
Round Five Entry

ONE MORE TO GO!  It won't be for long til these entries have been added to It's Halloween Issue and I can take a deep breath once it's all added and hopefully that I can catch up on my posts' buffer before we even start the Christmas comic next week.

Issue 4 will be available for download purchase, for only $2.99 this Friday!


The FIRST ROUND will be announce tomorrow!

The Joy of Christmas  will start updating next Wednesday, once we finish Issue 7.

Please send in your entries, so that we can get ROUND TWO ready to go!

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