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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sleepy Hollow | TSCG Update

The Sin City Updates
I've just finish chapter 10's scripts and I will move right onto chapter 11's scripts next.  But, once again, I won't start working on chapter 7 til I get my buffer down to 3 or 4 chapters or maybe 2 chapters left in the buffer.  Volume Two does contains chapters 8 through 14, which it's 7 chapters total.  I even type down the scripts for chapter 7, in my computer.  And there will be a seasonal comic in between each Volumes or books(which I'm working on the scripts at this time for Volume One).

As far of right now, TSCG have move to Tuesdays & Thursdays now.  And it's up to you, to increase the amount of times  or days, is by leaving a comment or [Patreon].  With [Patreon], there is a $50 goal for a 3rd update to unlock.  So, we want to pass this goal, so that, we can get TSCG to update 3 times a week.  And once we do that, I will pick a day in between Tuesday & Thursday, which that would be Wednesday.  Once the goal has been reach, I will make another goal, which I will add $100 more on the goal for the 4 day update, which will be more likely to update on Fridays.  There will be a five days update limit for TSCG, once the goals have been reached.  Like I said, it's up to you to make this possible for a five day updates!  Once again, I do have a big buffer and if we update five times a week, maybe the buffer will go down faster.  As for leaving a comment, well, rate the comic 1 through 20.  The more the rated, means another update will be added and from those who rated, will be added to the total amount of 100.

From my last update, I did said I was going to update more than two days a week, during the March Madness and a free extra update on Free Comic Book Day and it is still possible to make that happen and I will keep that in mind once we get closer to that.

That's all I have for [The Sin City Girls] for now!

Sleepy Hollow Updates
Issue 4 will be available for download purchase tomorrow.  So, you will be able to purchases it, so that you can add it to your computer or IPad or whatever.  The format is PDF for the file.  Issue 4 was my 5th Issue that I work on and updates for it.  Now that it will be yours tomorrow, once it's released.  It will cost $2.99 for one copy.

Now that the Halloween entries, comic, sales, & contest is all over now and out of the way.  And now that the buffer is one less now and Issue 7 will be finish on Monday, which is another one less, after that day.  And we will start the Christmas Comic on Wednesday.  We are in a middle of the contest to promote the Christmas comic.

Now with some buffer talk! . . .

Well, I'm still over the limit on the Sleepy Hollow's buffer.  I'm still trying to maintain the count.  As far of right now, I'm 11 Issues, 3 short stories, and now that the Halloween Issue is out of the way, so that makes it  one seasonal comic less.  Right now the total is 15  in all together.  I still want the buffer to be less than 15 and the buffer's limits are 10 Issues.  So, I better bring that number down someday, so that I can work on another short story soon.

There have been some change of plans for Sleepy Hollow.  I've added two short stories to the list, which they will began updating in between Act Three & the Howe Falls In Love mini series.  I'm hoping they will be short and hoping that it's less than 30 pages for both short stories.  And I have come up with another spin-off, which won't take place til after the main series is fully over.  The series will keep the name but will put two more words next to it.  I can't give out the info on it not at this time, and not when we're almost into Act Two, yet.

There will be some deleted scenes, once after we finish the series.  Well, I wish I could tell you more but it will have to wait later.

As far of . . .

Right now, I'm still ahead on the scripts but I think I should work on the two short stories scripts first, but I'll have to work on the plots's ideas first.

There are two milestone goals that relates to Sleepy Hollow on [Patreon].  Once again, we want to make it happen for reaching the goals to get Volume One publish in both Paperbacks & Hardcovers.  All you have to do is, give $5 to pledge for a month.  Once you do that, you can also pick a reward of your choice.  The Paperback's goal is $600, while the hardback's is $700.

Well, that's all, folks!

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