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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

NEWSLETTER: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Here are the topics that will be included in today's newsletter:

  • Sleepy Hollow Returns
  • Start of ACT II: The Dreams Out of Control
  • ACT II Cast
  • Work Progress
  • Sleepy Hollow Best Moments: ACT I
Sleepy Hollow Returns
Sleepy Hollow will return on January 12th.  Updates are still Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays, as always. ACT II is part of Volume Three and I will release the cover for Volume 3 on Friday, but only on the new website.

The new website is almost finish.  I'm almost finish with the CAST part for the main tabs' part and I will start adding in my page buffer & the upcoming comics.  But, everything seems doing alright for the new website and I will release the new website, once it's finish and I'm trying to get it done and finish before Sleepy Hollow updates returns.

Start of ACT II: The Dreams Out of Control
We will start ACT II once Sleepy Hollow returns from the hiatus.  ACT II only have five Issues, but I will add some mini or short stories in the mix.  ACT II will also go faster than ACT I, because it's two Issues lesser than ACT I.

SYNOPSIS | ACT II: The Dreams Out of Control General Howe's dreams are becoming too out of control.  Things will be out of hand when things starts to get worst for General Howe when he's about to give up on the whole thing altogether til Tom got to William, to be strong.

General William Howe, Tom Phillips, General Henry Clinton, John Phillips, John Hampton, and Bryan Johnson are returning, so don't worry, they will be back.

The Headless Horseman will not be making any appearances at all in ACT II.

The 21st Century gang will also returns.

Evil Howe will be showing his face for the first time.  He was also the Dark Figured Man during ACT I.

General Thomas Gage will be joining us as a minor character and he will appear at the end of ACT II.

Captain John Andre won't be returning, by the way.

Work Progress
I still haven't start working on any new pages, yet and the page buffer is still too big for me to start on another Issue, yet.  Here is my buffer for Sleepy Hollow:

Sleepy Hollow's Page Buffer

10 Issues
3 Short Stories
0 Seasonal Comics
1 in Progress, but haven't start on it fully

I'm even got back into writing the scripts, but I will also type them into my computer, while I wait for my page buffer to be lowered.

Sleepy Hollow Best Moments: ACT I
I've gather the great moments of ACT I.  I will start off with Issue #0 first. . .

ISSUE #0's Best Moments. . .


For one, it's the best part, it's the cover that starts the story.

Page 2

You gotta love Michael in this page!

Page 4

Meeting General Howe, for his first ever appearance in this Issue.

Page 5

Mike just wants to go to England.

And Page 10

And the story begins here. . .

ISSUE #1's Best Moments. . .

Page 1

It's the very first page I've done.

Page 4

Meeting Tom Phillips for the first time.

And Page 8

General Howe get's some bad news about the three women being killed.

ISSUE #2's Best Moments. . .

Page 15

For one, it's the Dark Figured Man at the end of Issue 2.

ISSUE #3's Best Moments

The best moments out of the entire Issue, is John Phillips.

ISSUE #4's Best Moments

The best moment is, General Clinton returning in this Issue.

ISSUE #5's Best Moments

John Phillips finally changes his mind and helps General Howe to went to look for Clinton.

ISSUE #6's Best Moments

Clinton almost thought the Horseman was real.

ISSUE #7's Best Moments

Ending ACT I is the major moment for Issue 7.

And that's all I have for you guys for 2014!~

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