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Monday, December 22, 2014

The Winners For The 2014 Christmas Contest

The winners with the best art, will be added into the Joy of Christmas Seasonal comic.

Winner #1

This will be from Round One, by the way.

. . . General Howe: Ready For Christmas by William Howe

Yes, he had help me put all of it up on his Facebook account page. Link

Winner #2

This will be from Round Two.

. . . Frances Christmas Photo by William Howe

He sure did it again with this one.

Winner #3

This is from Round Three.

. . . John Hampton As A Woman by Molly

Winner #4

This is from Round Four.

. . . Michelle, The Little Miss Snow Princess by Molly, once again

And The Last Winner Is. . .

The Dark Figured Ghost by Paul

Sometimes, we need an evil ghost, even around Christmas time.~

I will add them into the comic, on the new website.  So, I will be busy til next year, to get the new website up and running by then.

And see you all here on the 31st for some newsletter!~

The Christmas Pack is here . . . it has Issues 0-7 and it's for limit time only, so you really got til December 31st to collect all of ACT I Issues before it's too late!

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