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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Newsletter Update

There is a newsletter update this Saturday.

I will take a two week break after this Thursday, for The Sin City Girls, so that I can catch up on some work and updates for the series.  So, we will be back on the 16th of next month, to start the Chapter 2 story.  Chapter 2 won't be as long as Chapter 1 this time.

The page buffer for TSCG, is now at 5.  I still won't work on another chapter or Issue til it starts dropping down, which as of right now, the buffer is still very big.  Maybe, I will start working on the comics once it hit 2 or 1.  At least Chapter 6, for the safe side.

Sleepy Hollow's page buffer is still very high, so I won't be working on another Issue this year!

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