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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Can A Protagonist Be The Antagonist? . . .

I found this great post I found on Twitter.  It would also help many script writers, such as me, to see a protagonist being the antagonist of the story.

Alex is a violent, demented character in A Clockwork Orange, but is he both protagonist and antagonist?

I might be seeing that in General William Howe, during Book Two, when he orders Nathan Hale to be hanged.  Which to me, seems like what an antagonist would do, but he still be focusing on the main goal, on stopping the Headless Horseman.  But mostly, Howe always and be the protagonist through out the entire Series of Sleepy Hollow Webcomic.

The plots are already been planed out for the rest of this Series and Evil Howe is the very main antagonist through out the story.

I just haven't started the scripts on Book Three, yet, but that is being on hold for awhile, even though that, we are only in ACT II of Book One still.  As of right now, I'm typing down the script for The Sin City Girls Volume 2.  I'm even very close to the end of Volume 2's scripts, with only the seasonal special left, and then, I will be moving right onto Volume 3's scripts soon.  And also, I will start typing down Sleepy Hollow's scripts, while writing down Volume 3's scripts.

Volume 2 of Sleepy Hollow's will be release this Friday, guys!


  1. Please don't say that! I can't picture William being the bad guy at the same time.

  2. Anonymous3/17/2015

    I always thought Clinton was the bad guy at first til Issue 8, but wow! . . . ~Paul

    1. Paul, did you went anonymous on this one?

    2. Yes, I did.

      I got sick and tired of this thing asking me if I was a robot and it still did it to me.

    3. Same here, too.

    4. All I can say, is that, I don't really like the idea of having to click, that I'm not a robot, either. So, I can't do much about it and you can try complaining to Google instead try to tell them that you can't stand it or create an account will take all of that robot thing away.

  3. I'm starting to see that with Yvette, Kerry's sister, too!