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Monday, March 30, 2015

NEWSLETTER: March 2014

You are getting a page update today at the same time, with this newsletter for the first time.

Here are some topics that will be included in today's newsletter:
  • The March Madness Sales Over
  • The Phillips Brothers
  • Issue #9
  • Free Comic Book Day
  • Work Progress
  • Howe Falls In Love Series
The March Madness Sales Over
The Sales are finally over!

I will do another Madness Sales next year.  The prices are back to normal state now and we'll have to wait for next year to come.

The Phillips Brothers
We are halfway through The Phillips Brothers.  Once the story is finish, we can go back to Sleepy Hollow's main story.  But, I'll release the cover & title on the last week of the short story and I'll be taking some time off, then.

Issue #9
Once the Short Story is finish, we can start Issue 9 next.

Issue 9 will be more tense than any other Issues I've done before.  I'll tell you more in April's newsletter.

Free Comic Book Day
I'm doing the Free Comic Book Day on May 2nd.

Volumes 1 & 2 will be free for only on that day, just that day only, so this will be the only chance to get them for free.  And the seasonal comics will be free, too.

Work Progress
The page buffer for: Sleepy Hollow. . .

9 Issues
3 Short Stories

Total: 12

The page buffer for: The Sin City Girls. . .

5 Chapters
1 Progress

Total: 5 (Not including Progress)

Yes, I'm even flying through my buffer and with the five day updates, for Sleepy Hollow, but it's still too big!

Howe Falls In Love Series
I know that I wanted to start Act IV so bad, but I've already got the scripts finish, for the new project.  You guys remember Howe Falls In Love Seasonal Comic from last year.  Well, I have been working on the scripts for the mini series, so we will follow up on William's early life and his family.  And he get's to marry Frances after all.

I really really want to do this mini series so bad but I'll have to wait til Act III is over with.  And then, I'll start updating this mini series after words.

Well, that's all I have for you, guys!

NEXT DATE: April 30th

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