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Monday, June 29, 2015


Here are some topics that will be included:

  • 4th of July's Sale
  • Work Progress/Page Buffer
  • Start Back up on TSCG's Chapter 7
  • Sleepy Hollow's 2 Year Anniversary
  • On Hiatus
4th of July's Sale

The Box Set is only $4.99 for the PDF copy.  It goes on til July 7th, so you don't got an whole lot of time for this online Deal!

Work Progress/Page Buffer
I'm even seeing some progress on Sleepy Hollow's page buffer:

The Page Buffer for: Sleepy Hollow. . .

8 Issues
2 Short Stories

* * * * * * * * * *
The Page Buffer for: The Sin City Girls. . .

3 Chapters
1 Progress

TOTAL: 3 (Not including Progress)

Right now, it's safe to say . . . that I can work on Chapter 7 and a short story, while on hiatus.  And the sad part, I can't jump right back into working on the new pages for Sleepy Hollow.

The only time that it will hit down to 0 pages, that's when it's the end of the Series.  That'll be the only time that I will have it to 0 when the Series is finish.

As for the Patrons, you get to see a timeline of what it will be like for the next 6 months!

Start Back up on TSCG's Chapter 7
With me, only have 3 chapters in my buffer, it is safe to say, I will continue working on Chapter 7 and maybe, having that 1 change to a 0, on the Progress til I decide that I work on a story or chapter.  I'm going to start on it during the hiatus, but first, I have to work on setting up my post update for Sleepy Hollow's 2 Year Anniversary before starting back up on Chapter 7 and hopefully that it will be finish before I  return from my hiatus.

The scripts are already been done since last year, for Chapter 7, so I hope I can work on it, again and it's  the only time to work on some more new pages.

Sleepy Hollow's 2 Year Anniversary
The 2 Year Anniversary is July 10th

I was hoping to share that moment today, but I will share it on the day of its anniversary instead.

Hopefully, that I will be here, working on this Series during its 5 year anniversary.  And the best of all, it's you guys, helping me making this comic great, without you, there would not be a Sleepy Hollow Webcomic!

On Hiatus
While, I'm on this hiatus, I will still continue the newsletters on a monthly basis and working on chapter 7 of TSCG.  And other things to catch up on.

List of To Do's:
  • Continue the newsletters
  • Work on my 2 Year Anniversary things
  • Work on Chapter 7 of TSCG
  • Type up the scripts
  • Continue writing the scripts~TSCG
  • And maybe try to finish the Sleepy Hollow Series for the scripts
  • And gather up on ACT I's deleted pages & scripts
  • Continue Patreon
  • And many more that I can think up. . .
That's my list of things that needs to be done before the relaunch!

And that's all, Sleepy Heads! . . .

Next Update: July 30th

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