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Friday, July 31, 2015


Here are some topics that will be included:

  • Sleepy Hollow's New Website
  • Hiatus
  • Work Progress/Page Buffer
  • Page Updates
Sleepy Hollow's New Website
Yes, I am working on a new website for Sleepy Hollow and I have what I got done!


+I just started working on the new website.
+Started on the About tab, but not finish, yet.
+Adding in the tabs I needed.
+I'm halfway through the Home Page tab.
+And working on the layouts of the Home Page tab.

I will get right back to working on the new website and I don't have a release date of when it will be finish and it's too early to tell, right now.  And I will let you know when it will be launch and hope that I will have it finish before we end ACT II.  The new website won't have that side bars(on the left side of the current website).  Hopefully, that it will look even much better than the current one.

This newsletter won't be long, for this month!

We are still on hiatus at this moment, but I will release the date, of when the page updates returns, in the next newsletter, for The Sin City Girls & Issue 10 of Sleepy Hollow.

Work Progress/Page Buffer
I'm still typing the scripts for Sleepy Hollow and Chapter 7 is finish by the way.  I will also start working on the seasonal story for Volume 1 of TSCG on August 5th.  I have increased the max for The Sin City Girls while Sleepy Hollow's will stay the same and the limit is 10 on The Sin City Girls.

Sleepy Hollow:
Issues 8
Mini/Short Stories 3
Total Count 11
The Sin City Girls:
Chapters 4
Mini/Short Stories 0
Total Count 4

And my in progress is now at 0 right now til August 5th!

Page Updates
Once I return from this hiatus, Sleepy Hollow will only update once a week on Fridays til next year, when I pick Wednesdays for awhile and I'm also trying to take it easy for me, but don't worry, we will be back to M-W-F soon!

* * * * * * * * *
Chapter 4 of TSCG will be release on September 18th!

Well, that's all I have for now.

See you all back here . . . on August 31st!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Phillips Brothers For E-Reader

I guess that I waited this long to release the short story, The Phillips Brothers', after all.

The PDF copy only costs $2.99 for the Reader and I wish I could do the print copy, but didn't.

A short story about Tom's early life before he meets General William Howe and we cannot forget John Phillips. . .

Our next release for The Sin City Girls, ACT 1: Chapter 2

September 18th

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My Progress List: Part One

Danny Mastrogiorgio with that cute smile of his
I've been pretty much busy working on things, on my List of To Do's.  I might not get through all of it.

So, here is what I did got done:

+I got one mini story done, while still working on the last one

+Continue the newsletters
-I got it all written down but needs to get them set up

+Continue Patreon which I still with the mini stories

+Working on rebuilding my page buffer for TSCG
-Still working on Chapter 7 at this time

+Work on writing the plots which I got TSCG down but waiting to write down the scripts
-I just started re-writing down the plots for Sleepy Hollow

+Still updating the min story on M-W-F

For the ones I have not got to, yet:

+Continue writing the scripts ~ TSCG
-I have not got to it
-Haven't got to Sleepy Hollow's, yet

+Type up the scripts
-Still typing them down, but taking it easy

+And maybe try to finish the Sleepy Hollow Series for the scripts
-Almost finish with the plots
-Have not got started on the scripts
-And I'm taking it slowly

+And gather up on ACT I's deleted pages & scripts
-Still have not got to that, yet

There will be another one next week. . .