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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My Progress List: Part One

Danny Mastrogiorgio with that cute smile of his
I've been pretty much busy working on things, on my List of To Do's.  I might not get through all of it.

So, here is what I did got done:

+I got one mini story done, while still working on the last one

+Continue the newsletters
-I got it all written down but needs to get them set up

+Continue Patreon which I still with the mini stories

+Working on rebuilding my page buffer for TSCG
-Still working on Chapter 7 at this time

+Work on writing the plots which I got TSCG down but waiting to write down the scripts
-I just started re-writing down the plots for Sleepy Hollow

+Still updating the min story on M-W-F

For the ones I have not got to, yet:

+Continue writing the scripts ~ TSCG
-I have not got to it
-Haven't got to Sleepy Hollow's, yet

+Type up the scripts
-Still typing them down, but taking it easy

+And maybe try to finish the Sleepy Hollow Series for the scripts
-Almost finish with the plots
-Have not got started on the scripts
-And I'm taking it slowly

+And gather up on ACT I's deleted pages & scripts
-Still have not got to that, yet

There will be another one next week. . .

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