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Monday, August 31, 2015

NEWSLETTER: August 2015

Here's some topics:

  • Hiatus & Return Date
  • My Progress/Page Buffer
  • Page Updates
  • The Return Of The Sin City Girls
  • The Launching of My New Website
Hiatus & Return Date
Still on this hiatus but won't be for long!

Sleepy Hollow's Issue #10 will start updating on September 18th, which means that Sleepy Hollow will return.

I just can't wait for the return of Sleepy Hollow!~

My Progress/Page Buffer
Sleepy Hollow:
Issues 8
Short/Mini Stories 3

The Sin City Girls
Chapters 4
Short/Mini Stores 0

On top of that, I've been pretty busy with the new website, so I didn't really had the time to build up my page buffer, but Chapter 7 is included in the buffer and I still have another one in progress but I haven't finish it because I was working on the website.

Page Updates
I'm still updating Sleepy Hollow Hiatus: Part 3 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and it will end on September 16th.  Once that's finish, Sleepy Hollow will only updates on Fridays for the rest of the year.

Don't worry, we . . . I mean . . . I will take it easy for a little while til we get back to M-W-F.

TSCG will still updates on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

The Return Of The Sin City Girls
The updates will return on September 15th!

And it will still updates twice a week!

The Launching of My New Website
Now is the right time to talk about my new website, that I have been working on during the break and its getting close to be finish and hopefully that I will launch it when we start Issue 10.  I will post a link to every social media that I do run on, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus, and even this blogger.

By the way, there is no page update today and there is no page update next Monday because of Labor Day!

Our next newsletter update is September 30th

Friday, August 21, 2015

UPDATE: August 21st

My tooth pain has been getting in the way, lately and of me working on the website, but on some days, I'm not in pain, then I would get to work on the website, but on some days, I needed to take the day off to take it easy on my health.  And I'm still recovering from my tooth pain and I'm doing much better now than I was last week.  And back pains can be just as painful as you think.  Enough on my health issues and right onto the subject!

Our last update was last Wednesday of last week, not the 19th!  Here's what I got done so far . . .

What I Got Done . . .


  • Page Buffer
  • My Full Progress
  • By the way, they(Page Buffer) are linked and if you haven't check it out yet, you can view them
+About: Plots
  • Layouts are finish
  • My About tab is finish and it can be viewed now
+Links are set and you can view them, now

+Page Buffer
  • Layouts are finish
  • The tab is finish and you can view it, now
+My Full Progress has been change to My Work Progress
  • The only thing that won't be included, is TSCG
  • It's all set up and ready, but not yet be viewed
  • Layouts finish
  • Ready and you can view it now
  • Layouts finish
  • It's all set and almost ready
-I will add two new features
  • Latest Comic
  • Comic of The Month
What Needs To Be Done?


-Wallpapers & Many More

-Update Home page
  • Latest Blog
  • Latest Page

-Comic To Read
  • Archive~Archive will be a lot easy because we haven't started Issue 10, yet
  • Other Comics~I'm still updating on Sleepy Hollow Hiatus: Part 3
  • Get it all finish
  • Get it all linked and it will soon be viewed
What's Going To be Viewed?



-Wallpapers & Many More


-Home Page & Comic To Read
  • That will be the last one, along with Comic To Read, once the new website is 100% ready and I will let you know, soon
And that's all I have for now and come back next week!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

UPDATE: August 12th

It took me a while to get my wi-fi all set, but I'm back and there will be more work that needs to be done on the new website and I resume on it since Sunday and I finally have wi-fi on the day before, so here's what I got done, so far. . .


  • My Webcomics ~ I got the links set and added the banners under each link.
  • On The Web ~ Everything is all typed down and linked.
  • Useful Sites & Comic Related Stuff ~ I put them both together and everything is type and linked.
  • Historical Related ~ Got it all linked and ready.
  • Comics Online ~ I added few more comics to the list and everything is all linked.
  • Danny Mastrogiorgio Stuff ~ This tab is new and I'm a fan of Danny and I had to add it, so that it's not taking up spaces on my bookmark bar.  And the links are set and ready
  • The links page can be viewed now. click here
+About: Plots
  • I got the layouts all set
  • They are ready but not yet, viewed
  • It's completed and is coming soon, so keep checking back each day, to see if I got it set, so that you can see it for yourself
+Page Buffer
  • Finish and completed
  • It can be viewed click here
Things I will get to next:
  • Upcoming Comics
  • My Full Progress
  • Store
  • Fun Media
  • Q&A
  • Comic To Read
  • Update my Home page on the new website
Come back on Friday for a little special update & also come back next week for more updates!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

New Historical Fashion Website Coming Soon . . .

Yes, in deed and lately, that I've been on hiatus, for not uploading pics on Facebook and I needed a website to continue that trend and I will use this blogger, as well, to let you know that the pics are ready and what theme that I'm going for and to be honest, I won't do the rainbow thing this time.

Hopefully, that the new website will be as colorful as it should be, once I add in the pics.

Where I'm getting all these pretty dresses or gowns?  Well, I gather some of the links from each website I get them from and there are some shortcuts, also!

Here are the Links:

Colonial Williamsburg

Bunka Museum

Kent State University

Philadelphia Museum of Arts

Mint Museum



Wednesday, August 5, 2015

News Update: August 5th

I've been pretty busy, lately, during the Break or hiatus.  We just started the next story, on Monday and it's the last one til we start Issue 10.  Once the story is finish, then it's time for Issue 10!  I already added Chapter 7 of TSCG to the page buffer.  And today, I will start working on the next comic for TSCG.  And no, it's not Chapter 8!

What I have done, so far?

  • I just finish writing done ideas for ACT 7.  I can't believe that I have one more ACT to get to and I'm ahead on the scripts but have not started on ACT 7's, yet.  ACT 6' scripts, I'm not sure on that, yet, but I will tell you if I did or not, in the next update.
  • Toni Cipriani will appear in ACT 7, as we know it.
  • I did have started on the layouts for the links' tab on the new website.
  • The Home page is finish on the new site.
  • The About tab on the new site, is nearly finish.  But, I have for that tab, is the plots and I will get to that soon.
What I will do next?
  • I will work on the plots
  • Page Buffer on the new website
  • Upcoming Comics on the new site
  • Work Progress on the new site
  • The Cast on the new site
  • Work on TSCG comic
  • Continue typing down the scripts
  • And many more . . .
TSCG will be back soon!

The Sin City Girls will return after Labor Day, but not sure what date, yet.  And I have not forgotten about the comic!  I will continue on working on my page buffer til it reaches 10.

And that's all I have for now!

Come back next week!