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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

News Update: August 5th

I've been pretty busy, lately, during the Break or hiatus.  We just started the next story, on Monday and it's the last one til we start Issue 10.  Once the story is finish, then it's time for Issue 10!  I already added Chapter 7 of TSCG to the page buffer.  And today, I will start working on the next comic for TSCG.  And no, it's not Chapter 8!

What I have done, so far?

  • I just finish writing done ideas for ACT 7.  I can't believe that I have one more ACT to get to and I'm ahead on the scripts but have not started on ACT 7's, yet.  ACT 6' scripts, I'm not sure on that, yet, but I will tell you if I did or not, in the next update.
  • Toni Cipriani will appear in ACT 7, as we know it.
  • I did have started on the layouts for the links' tab on the new website.
  • The Home page is finish on the new site.
  • The About tab on the new site, is nearly finish.  But, I have for that tab, is the plots and I will get to that soon.
What I will do next?
  • I will work on the plots
  • Page Buffer on the new website
  • Upcoming Comics on the new site
  • Work Progress on the new site
  • The Cast on the new site
  • Work on TSCG comic
  • Continue typing down the scripts
  • And many more . . .
TSCG will be back soon!

The Sin City Girls will return after Labor Day, but not sure what date, yet.  And I have not forgotten about the comic!  I will continue on working on my page buffer til it reaches 10.

And that's all I have for now!

Come back next week!

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