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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

UPDATE: August 12th

It took me a while to get my wi-fi all set, but I'm back and there will be more work that needs to be done on the new website and I resume on it since Sunday and I finally have wi-fi on the day before, so here's what I got done, so far. . .


  • My Webcomics ~ I got the links set and added the banners under each link.
  • On The Web ~ Everything is all typed down and linked.
  • Useful Sites & Comic Related Stuff ~ I put them both together and everything is type and linked.
  • Historical Related ~ Got it all linked and ready.
  • Comics Online ~ I added few more comics to the list and everything is all linked.
  • Danny Mastrogiorgio Stuff ~ This tab is new and I'm a fan of Danny and I had to add it, so that it's not taking up spaces on my bookmark bar.  And the links are set and ready
  • The links page can be viewed now. click here
+About: Plots
  • I got the layouts all set
  • They are ready but not yet, viewed
  • It's completed and is coming soon, so keep checking back each day, to see if I got it set, so that you can see it for yourself
+Page Buffer
  • Finish and completed
  • It can be viewed click here
Things I will get to next:
  • Upcoming Comics
  • My Full Progress
  • Store
  • Fun Media
  • Q&A
  • Comic To Read
  • Update my Home page on the new website
Come back on Friday for a little special update & also come back next week for more updates!

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