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Friday, August 21, 2015

UPDATE: August 21st

My tooth pain has been getting in the way, lately and of me working on the website, but on some days, I'm not in pain, then I would get to work on the website, but on some days, I needed to take the day off to take it easy on my health.  And I'm still recovering from my tooth pain and I'm doing much better now than I was last week.  And back pains can be just as painful as you think.  Enough on my health issues and right onto the subject!

Our last update was last Wednesday of last week, not the 19th!  Here's what I got done so far . . .

What I Got Done . . .


  • Page Buffer
  • My Full Progress
  • By the way, they(Page Buffer) are linked and if you haven't check it out yet, you can view them
+About: Plots
  • Layouts are finish
  • My About tab is finish and it can be viewed now
+Links are set and you can view them, now

+Page Buffer
  • Layouts are finish
  • The tab is finish and you can view it, now
+My Full Progress has been change to My Work Progress
  • The only thing that won't be included, is TSCG
  • It's all set up and ready, but not yet be viewed
  • Layouts finish
  • Ready and you can view it now
  • Layouts finish
  • It's all set and almost ready
-I will add two new features
  • Latest Comic
  • Comic of The Month
What Needs To Be Done?


-Wallpapers & Many More

-Update Home page
  • Latest Blog
  • Latest Page

-Comic To Read
  • Archive~Archive will be a lot easy because we haven't started Issue 10, yet
  • Other Comics~I'm still updating on Sleepy Hollow Hiatus: Part 3
  • Get it all finish
  • Get it all linked and it will soon be viewed
What's Going To be Viewed?



-Wallpapers & Many More


-Home Page & Comic To Read
  • That will be the last one, along with Comic To Read, once the new website is 100% ready and I will let you know, soon
And that's all I have for now and come back next week!

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