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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

NEWSLETTER: September 2015


  • Issue #10 & Another Short Story
  • Sleepy Hollow Hiatus' Mini Stories
  • Work Progress/Page Buffer
  • No More Sales Til Next Year
Issue #10 & Another Short Story
I know that we just started Issue 10 and now, here I am, talking about what's next, after 10.  Once, Issue 10 is finish, we will start another short story, JOHN ANDRE ARRIVES and yes, John Andre finally get's his own comic to himself!

That won't be til next year!  Which means, Issue 10 won't be finish til sometime in February.  And the starting of the short story will begin updating in February or March.

Sleepy Hollow Hiatus' Mini Stories
For next time, when I go on another hiatus, which will be after ACT II is finish,  I will surely do more mini stories during the hiatus and picking up where we left off with, from Part 3.

But, this time, I will include Toni Cipriani & Mrs. Betsy Loring and yes, we will still see Danny Mastrogiorgio and maybe Richard Howe, for the first time and more of Clinton!

And there will be more next year, right after ACT II!~

Work Progress/Page Buffer
It never seems to change around here . . .

MAX: 10

Issues 8
Mini/Short Stories 2
In Progress 0
Total 10

MAX: 10

Chapters 5
Mini/Short Stories 1
In Progress 1
Total 6

Everything will stay the same til December!  Maybe.

No More Sales Til Next Year
You hear it, folks!~

I won't be doing anymore til next year, but I will still be releasing comics, even Issue 9 & Chapter 3.

* * * * * * *
And that's all, Folks!~

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Friday, September 18, 2015

News Update: 9.18.15

Chapter 2 of The Sin City Girls will be release on Sunday, for the PDF format . . .

On the same day, I will start a {My Progress Reports} on my Patreon page, which you can follow me here . . . Which you can pledge whatever amount you what and your only pledging that amount for a month, after you sign up.  It's easy!
Try it!

Well, The plots for The Phillips Brothers will be release on the 30th of this month

I think that's all I have for you, for now . . .

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sleepy Hollow Moved To A New Website . . .

If you are wondering where's the new page update is at, then click this link to view Page 15!

The new website is fully finish and ready for you to see the new page!

We are getting close to wrapping up on Sleepy Hollow Hiatus: Part 3 next Wednesday and which means that we can start Issue 10 afterwards and TSCG will resume updating next Tuesday!

Hope you guys do enjoy the new website . . .