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Saturday, October 31, 2015

NEWSLETTER: October 2015


  • Sleepy Hollow Hiatus' Mini Stories
  • Q&A
  • Work Progress/Page Buffer
  • My Little Halloween Story

Sleepy Hollow Hiatus' Mini Stories
I did promise you guys that I will do the Hiatus stories after ACT II is once finish and it will surely happen, not but one . . . but five mini stories for you guys to enjoy!  But, all I have to do is, work on the scripts for each of them(which are finish and are ready to be type down on the PC), and work on the pages, so that it's ready to go, but first of all, I have to wait til my page buffer to go down, so that I can at least work on one of them.

When will we be back to Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays?

Comment down below, to share your thoughts . . .

Work Progress/Page Buffer
Time for . . .

MAX 10
Issues 8
Mini/Short Stories 2
In Progress 0
Total 10

MAX 10
Chapters 6
Mini/Short Stories 1
In Progress 1
Total 7(Not including In Progress)

My page buffer for Sleepy Hollow will remain the same til next year.

My Little Halloween Story
Please enjoy the story . . .

On the eve of Halloween, John Phillips was just walking around the city,
to find that Yankee pirate,
Captain Jack Sparrow.
John hears the crows calling and eating trash,
off the ground.
John heard some loud sounds,
coming from two blocks away.
John runs to where the sounds was getting louder and louder,
and then,
it turns out to be just music,
that somebody was playing it,
with the volume turn up high.
John Phillips went to check it out.
John knocks on the door,
but no answer.
And then,
John kicks open the door and find a dead body,
laying on the floor.

Happy Halloween!

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