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Sunday, November 29, 2015

NEWSLETTER: November 2015

Well, we are finally back, but a little stuffed.  But, that don't stop me from what I will talk about in today's newsletter!

So, here we start the topics:

  • Q&A
  • Christmas Break
  • Sleepy Hollow Returns To Wednesdays & Fridays
  • Work Progress/Page Buffer
  • Another Short Story, John Andre Arrives
  • Close To the End of Chapter 4 of TSCG

How do you feel about me doing another mini story, after we finish ACT II?  Like, I said, in the September newsletter, for next time, when I go on another hiatus, which will be after ACT 2 is finish.  I will surely do more mini stories during the hiatus and picking up where we left off with, from Sleepy Hollow Hiatus: Part 3.  I don't really mind doing the mini stories, but what or how do you feel about it?

Christmas Break
My last update of 2015, is December 18th, which is the newsletter update.  Which, I will take a break from updating and no, there won't be a mini story til after ACT 2.  The updates will resume on the 6th of January of next year.

So, by then: Enjoy!

Sleepy Hollow Returns To Wednesdays & Fridays
With only two more updates to go, for 2015, and Sleepy Hollow will returns to Wednesdays & Fridays, like the good old days, starting January 6th of next year.  I'm looking forward in having the story move a little faster next year!

Work Progress/Page Buffer
I'm not going to say anything!

MAX 10

Issues 8
Mini/Shorts 2

MAX 10

Chapters 6
Mini/Shorts 1

I know that I can do more of TSCG, while max limit hits 10.

Another short Story, John Andre Arrives
After Issue 10, I will update the next short story, John Andre Arrives, which will be soon.  And hopefully, that I can do new pages for Sleepy Hollow, soon.

Close To The End of Chapter 4 of TSCG
We are finally close to the end of Chapter 4, with only 5 pages left, of the chapter and we will start Chapter 5 on January 7th, of next year.
* * * * * *
And, that's all, folks or Sleepyheads! . . .

Next NEWSLETTER Update: December 18th