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Saturday, December 19, 2015

NEWSLETTER: December 2015

It's a good thing that I'm getting this newsletter out of the way, right before Christmas!

Here's some topics:

  • Q&A
  • Christmas Break
  • Sleepy Hollow's Two Day Update
  • Work Progress/Page Buffer
  • John Andre Arrives
  • TSCG Three Page Update & Chapter 5
  • My Goals For 2016
  • Patreon Goal For Weekly Newsletters

There is no Q&A for this month!

Christmas Break
The Break starts now!

Christmas is coming up and I think now is the right time to put both comics on hold til next year and taking a break from updating.  There is no mini story for this break but there will be one for next year.

The Sin City Girls return date is, January 7th of next year

Sleepy Hollow return date is, January 6th, which is on a Wednesday


Sleepy Hollow's Two Day Update
Next year, Sleepy Hollow is returning to Wednesdays and we can move a little faster on the story.

Don't worry, Sleepy Hollow will return back to M-W-F sometime soon!

Work Progress/Page Buffer
We are down one for TSCG!

MAX 10
Issues 8
Mini/Short Stories 2
* * * * *
MAX 10
Chapters 5
Mini/Short Stories 1

(I really need to get going on hitting the max.)

Hopefully next year, Sleepy Hollow will be below the 10 MAX soon.

I sure was pretty busy so far, mostly on working on the new website, which that's out of the way and I really need to work on building my TSCG page buffer, so that I can continue updating.

John Andre Arrives
Next year, we will start on another short story, John Andre Arrives once after Issue 10 is done and out of the way.  And we are still gonna update on Wednesdays & Fridays, for this short story and it won't be as long as The Phillips Brothers.

TSCG Three Page Update & Chapter 5
TSCG will soon be updating 3 times a week next year, which means that the comic will move faster than it did during the twice a week.  You will find out more in the January's newsletter update.

We will start Chapter 5 on January 7th!

And Chapter 5 will be the longest chapter in Volume 1, as I know it.

My Goals For 2016
There are things that needs to be done and having a list would also help me out for next year.

Here is my list of to do's for 2016 . . .
  • Starting Chapter 5 of TSCG
  • Getting TSCG to update 3 times a week
  • Getting Sleepy Hollow to update twice a and getting the comic back to M-W-F
  • Starting another short story, John Andre Arrives
  • Trying to bring down my page buffer for Sleepy Hollow
  • Ending ACT 2 as we know it
  • Rebuild my page buffers on both comics
  • Another break for Sleepy Hollow, but this time, there will be mini stories to keep us busy til I'm ready to start ACT 3
  • Going through lots of chapters for TSCG
  • Having the scripts finish for the end of the Series, Sleepy Hollow and hoping to start on the final short stories
  • Start working on the scripts for the next Series of Sleepy Hollow
  • Continue working on the scripts for TSCG
  • And finally continued updating, like always

Patreon Goal For Weekly Newsletters
I will set a goal for the weekly newsletters for next year and hoping that we can get back to the old times when I use to do it weekly, right before I went to monthly and we will still update on M-W-F, if the goal reaches.

Right now, there is a goal for twice a month and still haven't reach that goal either.

And the weekly newsletter is met for Patrons if you pledge for whatever amount you put in and same for twice a month, also.  And I will try to make out a goal for the non-Patrons to read it on the blogger.

I don't think I will update no more than 3 times a week on both comics.
* * * * * *
And that's all I have for now!

I will see you all next year and Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year !

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