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Friday, June 10, 2016

NEWSLETTER: 06.10.2016

It's been a long time since I've done a newsletter while during the hiatus days.  As for the plots, I will have to make a few changes in regard of changing the release date or update it, as I would say.  I will also have to delay Issue 10 of Sleepy Hollow into next year.  So, which means that I will also delay TSCG, too.  Well, enough on some of that, now I want to get to the real announcement that I have for you guys.

I've finally got the home page done except for the links part, but I will get to that as I progress.  I am making some good progress on the new Series.  Right now, I'm still working on the plots, then I will be able to get right onto the scripts, which is the fun part, and then I'll have to build up my page buffer so that I have enough for the page update.

The tricky part about the NCIS Series, there are four shows: NCIS, NCIS: LA, NCIS: NO, & NCIS: NY.  So, I will do one show at a time, which is switching around each Issue for each show, like: start off with NCIS Issue 0, then Issue 0 of LA, then Issue 0 of NO, and then Issue 0 of NY.  It will be a long Series, plus with the crossovers that goes with the Series.

When it comes to the page buffer, I still have to maintain each Series.  For Sleepy Hollow, I still have a pretty big buffer, but I also got the Sleepy Heads Series as my hiatus updates that I need to get to work on it.  For TSCG, still need to maintain that one and still pretty big buffer.  As for the NCIS Series, I want to maintain it the most, but I got Sleepy Hollow & TSCG to worry.  I have not got and idea on what days to update NCIS yet, but I will let you now on that real soon.

I will get back into the Q&A real soon.

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