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Thursday, July 14, 2016

News Update: 7.15.2016

Today, I will wrap up on Issue 11 of Sleepy Hollow.  Then, after today, I will take a two day break til the next Issue, which is the final one for ACT II: Dreams Out Of Control.  And then, I do got five hiatus stories, plus a short story before the start of ACT III: It's All Coming True.  It sounds scary, just by looking at the name of the 3rd Act.  Enough said for Sleepy Hollow. . .

So now, is the day that I can tell you guys, the date for the launch of the NCIS Series. . .

The L.A. team

The RED team

Meet the Cyber Unit team
The launching date is . . . Friday, August 12th

And I will surely introduce the cast of NCIS and NCIS: LA, as well, also.  I'm only doing Season 1's for both comics, so I will introduce them to you guys, the Cast of NCIS . . .

He's the main protagonist of the main NCIS

Don't let his looks fool you, he can be a nerd, sometimes

The lead female character of the Series

Your gonna love Abby and her Goth ways

He can read you

She maybe short, but don't let her think that

. . . or just call him Ducky; great with talking to the dead

Time to introduce the Los Angeles Team . . .

The main protagonist of the L.A. team

The lead female character of the L.A. team

Known as Tony and a movie freak and got the looks for the ladies

Comes from the N.Y.P.D. to become a NCIS Agent

She always has a charm for Carbone and DiNozzo

The former FBI Agent that join N.C.I.S. Special Projects known as Osp

That's all the characters that I introduced so far, so I will do New Orleans soon, along with New York's.  But, there is one more character, that I will also share, here . . .

Yes, director of NCIS, the most exciting part of all

One reason why I want to share him, well, Vance controls every NCIS teams across the world and he's the director and will make special appearance in the Series and also a main character in three of the six shows.

So, remember . . .August 12th, everybody!  I will talk more about it on July's newsletter.

Hope you enjoy the news!