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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Danny Mastrogiorgio's Comic Appearance ~ Part 3

I will be getting right back to work on the comics today.  So, I will be working on NCIS: LA, Issue 2 and try to finish it.  So, I really want to move onto the next project, that is next on my list.

So, here's what I have coming up on my list of projects ...

NCIS Crossover | Issue 6 - write scripts

NCIS: LA | Issue 3 - type scripts

NCIS: LA | Issue 4 - writing plots

NCIS Crossover | Issue 16 - writing plots

NCIS Crossover | Issue 4 - working on pages

Those are the few of my projects, but I do have a much longer list but I will share just parts of it.  So, you can see that there's only NCIS at this moment, which means that my main focus is NCIS, not Sleepy Hollow nor TSCG.

Now on to ... You know what I mean! ...

This one features Danny Mastrogiorgio as Frankie Carbone for NCIS: LA

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