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Saturday, July 8, 2017

News, Updates, & Spoilers ... 7.8.17

It's been a long time, since I last posted something.

I do have some news, updates, and I will be doing spoilers.  For one thing, I won't do spoilers on reboot series, like Sleepy Hollow, for one.

Now, let's get through the news ...
  • TSCG just wrap up on Chapter 9, for the reboot.  But, there will be a chapter break til the 17th of July.  So, it's a pretty long wait for Chapter 10, which we will restart.
  • I will be taking time off from updating, on Labor Day.
Now, let's move onto the update ...
  • I still can't work on pages til the end of next month.  So, I will be only working on plots, writing scripts, and typing up the scripts.
  • I've made a few changes on the NCIS Webcomic site, see the picture, down below ... 

Here's another one ...
  • TSCG will update only on Mondays through Fridays, once the chapter break is done and over with.
  • Sleepy Hollow is still updating 7 days a week and me, updating three pages a day.  While, NCIS still updates on Mondays through Fridays.
Now, we can move onto the spoilers, which I have not done it for a while.  Back in 2013, I did give out spoilers, on Evil Howe being the "Dark Shadow Figure" before he shows his face.  So, today, I will give out spoilers for each pages, wrap up dates, and few other things.  But, I won't do Sleepy Hollow's til we're finish with the reboot, but I will give out spoilers, in relate to the reboot will end, and some sort.  So, let's get to the spoilers ...

Sleepy Hollow
  • Wrapping up on Issue 2 on Tuesday
  • Start Issue 3 on Wednesday, but wrap up on the 18th
  • Issue 3 is the last Issue for Volume 1
  • Chapter 10 will be the longest chapter, so far
  • Chapter Break ends on the 17th
NCIS Series
  • NCIS | Issue 3 is only 10 pages long
  • Issue 3 of NCIS, will wrap up on the 20th
  • There will be a chapter break, after NCIS | Issue 3
  • We will move onto NCIS: LA, once we wrap up on Issue 3 of NCIS
Those were the spoilers for next week.  I will post spoilers, updates, and news every Saturday.

That's all I have for now, so enjoy the spoilers!