Cast Of Each Comic

Sunday, November 19, 2017

News Update: 11.19.17

With NCIS: New Orleans starting on the 2nd of December and I haven't yet got the cast ready.  That ends today and I will share you guys the cast of NCIS: New York while I'm at it.

First off, we start with the Lead Character.

Lead Senior Special Agent Grisha G Callen

Special Agent Kensi Marie Blye

N.O.P.D. Detective/Liaison Officer Marty Deeks

Technical Operator Eric Beale

Operational Manager Frank Tripp

And Senior Field Agent Sam Hanna

Callen is the main character of this series.  You will mostly see Sam and Callen as partners for the most part of this series.  The first season is not that long nor the cast is that longer either.  Director Vance will guest star in the first season.

Now we move onto the next show ... This one is not as long either.

N.C.I.S. Supervisory Special Agent Dwayne Cassius Pride

Probationary Agent Jo Danville

Senior Field Agent Jake Berkeley

Medical Examiner Dr. Sheldon Hawkes

With Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Loretta Wade

And Operational Manager Jack McCoy

Agent Pride is the Lead Character of NCIS: New York.  Frankie Carbone and Tony DiNozzo will guest star along with Director Vance for the first season.

Talking about guest starring, uh ...

Frankie Carbone, Tony DiNozzo, Mac Talyor, Delilah Fielding, Cait Todd, Vance, and Fornell will guest star in NCIS, the mothership show.  Vance may guest star in NCIS: LA.  While doing that, there is plans for an NCIS and NCIS: LA Crossover on NCIS.