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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

News Update: 12.26.17

Now that Christmas is in our rearview and got New Year's to look forward to.

I'm still on break but I'm still going to work on the comics.  Right now, I am currently working on the layouts for NCIS, then I will do Sleepy Hollow afterwards.  And then, do The Sin City Girls.  When it comes to layouts, I make sure that I do at least five Issues or short stories or chapters.  For NCIS, it's either by episode or Issue; Sleepy Hollow is by Issue, unless if there is a short story or hiatus update story; and TSCG is by chapter and by volume story

I'm still typing scripts for NCIS and once that's done, then I move onto Sleepy Hollow.  TSCG is already taken care of.  It works the same way, at least five at the moment.

As for writing scripts,  I'm still onto TSCG at the moment.  Once I get at least five chapters done, then I move onto NCIS afterwards.  Once that's finish, and then I finally work on Sleepy Hollow's scripts.  I already got the five plots finish since last week, for Sleepy HollowNCIS will be next afterwards.  The plots don't take long.  The scripts takes longer than layouts or adding just bubbles.

I will mainly focus on the layouts this week and maybe throwing in some plots, but that make it that I'm just focusing on NCIS for this week.

So, I won't be able to add bubbles this week, but not til I at least have almost everything finish except for the writing the scripts part.  I did made me a list to help make thing easier for me and I only listed only five at a time.  Once that list is cross off, then I add five more to the list.

So, that's all I have for you guys ... HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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NCIS: LA resumes update on the 3rd of January